Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Be Careful What You Read!

With great relish and pleasure I am working with an author on novel revisions. The character of the novel is a very creative and bright young woman. I am half in love with her.

In the book, she learns who she is and learns to make home. Yesterday, after editing a few chapters, I took a very honest look at the Lazy Bee Farm homestead. It is a wreck. The least of it, frankly, is the Roanoke / Evelyn loom was still in the middle of the living room floor while I weave off five more towels. I couldn't move the loom without undressing it and that wasn't happening until I was finished with this warping. So, here it sat.

Books are stacked everywhere. Unfinished projects overflow the knitting / cross stitch basket (I AM still stitching when I can, Tina!). Papers, papers, papers, are everywhere. Dust formed a protective covering on most of the furniture. To be honest, about all I have done lately is keep the things that will kill you if they aren't done caught up -- dishes, trash, and laundry.

With new eyes, I thought about how I could rearrange, ditch, and reuse what I had (thanks, my author buddy, Clarice) and began to move things around.

Three hours later and a whole lot of shoving, pushing, pulling, and tugging, the living room is fairly done. I still have to dress the mantel, but the loom is out of the middle of the floor and one can actually walk through the room!

Where did it all go?? Let's not discuss the foray, dining room, bedroom. Oh, and Don has hidden the novel....


  1. I envy anyone that can keep their house in good repair during Summer. There's so much to do outside this time of year. I am just too pooped to dust and vacuum as often as I should.


  2. Oh I am over-the-moon Wren has inspired you. That was my hope with the book. Thank you again for all your help xoxox Clarice


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