Monday, June 14, 2010

Life Resumes, Sort Of

Gee. I haven't written in so long, I feel I must reintroduce myself.

Hi. My name is Matty. I am your tour guide for the Lazy Bee Farm or, as it is lovingly called, Pandamonium Palace.

Daddy responded well from his surgery, but has challenges with adjusting to the "device" and new meds. So, he is still a visitor with our friends in Winston-Salem. They are a fine staff, these folks, and are not loved and appreciated nearly enough. Each level of care has the most professional folks and we are grateful beyond words. Hopefully, Daddy will be home in another 72-hours. Cross your fingers.

Now. For other news. Pictures to follow. Promise!

We have a new little gal on the place. Lacie kid on June 4, presenting us with a darling DOE (thank goodness!), who delights us with her skipping and neighing to her momma. As it was my nephew's birthday he had the honor of naming her. He choose Lanie, a combination of Lacie and Louie (her dad), he explained. Lucy is still waddling, so we hope she will kid this week. I don't know how much longer she can drag that bag! If you have ever spent a summer carrying a passenger, you know how hot June can be! Pictures to come!

Potatoes are blooming! So lovely! We have been blessed by not having bugs, as yet, but my lime is ready to dust should they show up. Let's hope they don't! Shelly came and we hoed one night. Let me add here that hoeing is not for the faint of heart. I thought I would throw up. Never eat dinner and then hoe in this heat!

Soap making is full force. Shelly and I have been so fortunate to have great soap sales this summer. I hope we are getting quite a little following at the farmer's markets. We have split our markets to catch two; she is at the Marion market and I am at Wytheville. Should you come through our area on a Saturday morning, stop and say "Hi!" Both markets are young, but there are fine local products available every week. Plus, you'd get to see us. What more could you want? If you'd like to see our markets, look here. Scroll down to see the Marion market.

Weaving was slow starting, but is now full speed in the evenings when I haven't a brain to read or think. The first towel is nearly done and is such a lovely piece. I am thinking of taking some to the market or reviving the etsy shop. What do you think?

There are lots of happening on the farm, but I'll save some for tomorrow. Gee, I missed you guys!


  1. Glad to hear your good news. Lucky you, not to have potato bugs! I'm out picking those nasty little buggers today!


  2. Hey, Jane! Good to hear from you! How is the rest of your garden? I think the chickens are helping us out. I miss talking with you, Jane!

  3. Hi Matty! I've been having a heck of last 4 or 5 months. Making the 10 hour round trips up North for to my mother's. You understand how elderly parents can be. Lots of family obligations and being pulled in many directions. Sorry about not e-mailing. Time just got away from me and then It seemed kind of ridiculous to respond to an e-mail that was over a month old. Oh! My garden is doing great and might even do better if we ever had any sunshine. Oh well! At least I don't need to water!


  4. Email when you can! We need to catch up!



  5. Dee from Tennessee

    Thankful your dad is very thankful. It's good to hear good news! I had just checked on Brenda at Coffee Tea etc and saw your post. (And I just read your post about fbook....and I had to reread it to make sure I was comprehending correctly. Now the question is, did you "refresh" his memory? Wow is all I can say.)

  6. I just wrote:

    We were married briefly. Glad it was memorable! LOL

    Jane, I have no idea how many times he was/has been married. He was a serial monogomist! :)

  7. I love hearing what's happening at the farm.... and very glad to hear your daddy is on the mend and scheduled to be home soon.

  8. Hey Matty, I am still praying for your father. I hope he can come home soon. I do think you should try taking some towels to the market. You need to see what the intrest is xoxox Clarice

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Thanks for dropping in on the farm today! I enjoy your comments!