Friday, January 15, 2010

Tag! You're It!

Copper keeps an eye out for John.

Here at Lazy Bee Farm we have many kinds of entertainment. But, one of my favorite things to watch is my son and and the calf play tag.

John helps me feed the critters, some days, and he and the calf Copper have developed quite a game of tag. It goes like this:

John goes through the fence gate and calls Copper from the upper pasture.

Copper runs to meet him, but stops short of coming all the way to him.

John squats and slips toward Copper.

Copper takes a half step back, tosses his head, lows, and shakes his head at John.

John steps closer and grabs Copper's horns. Tag!

Copper wrestles with John, finally escapes, and trots away from him. Tag!

John gives chase with Copper stopping to make sure John is chasing him.

They run all the way to the top of the pasture.

John catches Copper. Tag!

Then, John runs back to the hay rack while Copper chases him. Tag!

By this time I am nearly on the ground because I am laughing so hard! However, the goats find this demeaning for the calf; I find it better than TV.


  1. How fun to be entertained this way, Matty! Truly, nothing beats God's "reality shows"!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. That sounds like fun! And a good way to get exercise too!


  3. too funny! I love how people and animals can find ways to enjoy each other's company!

  4. And I thought cows were lacking in the brains department:-)


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