Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bear Update and Other Dribs and Drabs

There have been no more bear sightings in the Lazy Bee Farm neighborhood. Thankfully, Wanda and her sister will not have to arm themselves and traffic may resume unimpeded.

Snow is receding. We hit a high today of 23-degrees. Optimism reigns.

Five bucks have gone to another pasture! Yippee! A very nice man from Radford bought five and took them to a wonderful farm with 25-acres. The fella seemed very kind and liked goats. I hope the boys will be happy. Feeding is certainly easier!

Puzzle wars erupted at Mother and Daddy's today. Mother, my sissie and I work puzzles in the winter only. Today we had a contest to see who could get the most pieces in. I think it was a tie. I suspect my sister took the last piece and hid it so that she might have the honor of putting the last piece in.

The most perfect form for sugar cookies is a snowflake sprinkled with sugar. Yummers.

How'd your day been?

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  1. Oh my, the bear storyhad us laughin'! Kind of made me think of the tow sisters in "The Walton's"..LOL!
    Glad you are abit warmer and the feeding chore is easier..I moved all the goats, except Tink, into the big pasture and now Tink has the small yard all to herself...of which she is not so sure she likes or not...TrapperDude said no more mouths to feed until we get proper gates and fencing up....WELL!!


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