Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did You Hear That?

It was the sound of the week going by. Whoosh!

I cannot stop weeping. The news from Haiti is so painful, so sad.

Will you consider supporting Doctors Without Borders, please?

Their clinics are gone; folks are missing; doctors are taking care of people without even gauze. Please remember the rescue workers and victims in your prayers.

I knit when I am upset. Or make potato salad. And pray.


  1. Matty,
    It is truly terrible, so much suffering. Got to keep praying for them and those working tirelessly to help them.

  2. I clean when I'm stressed - sometimes my house so sooooo clean!

    The photos coming out of Haiti are so heart wrenching. They had so little to begin with and then have that "little" taken as well....

  3. Pray, knit and eat potato salad.
    Tragidies can serve to remind us of how blessed we are and how thankful we ought to be... we have food and raiment..therewith to be content.
    And yet we have material riches beyond compare of these Hatians...and we dare complain over something insignificant...oh, say, as not having just the right type of furniture for a certain studio I cleaned today??...makes me ashamed to think I was so ungrateful.


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