Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's Go On A Bear Hunt!!!

The bullet on the left is a .22 caliber;
the one on the right is a 30/30 which is for bear hunting.

Early this morning John and I rushed out to pick up a few things for the farm, just in case our weather person actually got the forecast correct this time.

As we crested the hill behind the farm, we could see our nearest neighbor's car sitting in the road as she and her sister stood next to it. Wanda is nearly 75; her sister is 80. They were decked out in boots, jackets, head scarfs, and two sweaters each. We slowed down, pulled up next to them, and down came my window.
"Wanda? Everything okay?" I asked.

Wanda turned around very quickly and shouted, "NO! It is not! Honey, you wouldn't believe what we are doing!"

Her sister held up a .22 caliber rifle. "We're looking for a bear! We seen his footprints in Wanda's yard. James' dog is gone and we are looking for the bear!"

I let the car roll forward a little as her animation while holding a loaded gun was a little unnerving.

"Are you sure it was a bear? I thought they hibernated," I replied.

"No, honey, they don't. Not here, no ways. They stay out all winter and I know it got James' dog, the little black one, well, it ain't so little, but you know the one," Wanda turned to survey the
pasture again. "I just knowed he's out here. I seen them footprints and we followed him here."

The car began to bounce; I looked at John and he was struggling to keep his composure. He nodded toward Wanda's hand. She was holding a .32 caliber pistol.
"Well, you all be careful; I'm heading to the store, need anything?"

"Just to kill that bear," Wanda's sister replied.
As we drove out of sight, Wanda and her sister turned to slip under the fence and into the woods.
"Mum, if they shoot that bear with those guns, it's just going to make it really mad."
"I know."


  1. keep us posted on this one.... a true story??? With those size bullets, the bear will think it's still mosquito season.

  2. Funny! A wonderful visual! (-:

    Keep us posted on Wanda and the bear.

  3. Now, should we ever have TEOTWAWKI, I want those ladies on my side. What spunk (and at that age).

  4. Yeppers, it is true.

    When we came back home, they weren't out any longer, but there was no bear hanging up either. Confidentially, I called their nephew and told him to get over here and help 'em out! I was afraid for the bear! :)

  5. Wanda and her sister sound like my kind of gals! And I thought my old neighbor was something because she is always working on engines. Nice to know that you don't have to languish in the old folks home when you get old! They are an inspiration!


  6. Matty, I think they live a few houses down from me...LOL! When we first moved here I pulled out of my drive the same time as my neighbor and on the back of his truck was a bumper sticker: "Keep honking a****** I 'm reloading". I will not honk my horn for nothing at nobody our here:-)

    We have bears out here too--if they got my dogs I might not be merciful either!


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