Friday, January 1, 2010

One Small Change

Tonya at Plain and Joyful Living had a link to Hip Mountain Mama's challenge to make one small change each month that would make a positive change in our world. The challenge lasts until Earth Day 2010.

We've pondered and pondered what change we can make. We recycle, use cloth napkins, ride share, use energy efficient lights, reduced our heat to 66-degrees, compost, vermiculture, use solar fence chargers, and pay cash. What, we wondered, could we do that would made a change? Then, we decided.

Dry our clothes on drying racks or clothes line.

We do this a lot in the summer, but in the winter, we aren't as faithful. However, our electric bill has just been adjusted to reflect changes in the cost of electricity. While we participate in the budget plan, purchase wind power as much as we can, and allow the electric company to control our hot water heater, we still had a $30 increase. I have been very upset over this and have struggled to find ways to save. Drying clothes on the racks and line will do this for us.

An additional benefit will be the increased air moisture. Our house is very dry in the winter and adding the moisture will certainly benefit our sinuses and skin!

Let's see how it goes, shall we? What will you do?


  1. I just read an article on hanging your clothes outside in the Winter. It says that they dry, just takes longer. Doesn't mention what you can do for the chapped hands though! Jamie and I use one of those drying racks. When it gets full, we use the bannister. All my visitors understand if they happen to stop by when the clothes are drying. If they don't, they are not true friends!


  2. Jane,

    Why hadn't I thought of the bannister!? I have laundry on the wooden rack and on hangers on the shower rod. Do you know that my Grandmother A did the same thing to dry her clothes?

    Stay warm,


  3. Thanks for joining us! Sounds like you do so many eco friendly great to take another step to go even further!

  4. Sounds great! I do a better job of this in the summer than in the winter, as well. I've got a line in the basement, it's just not frequently used. Perhaps I'll adopt this for February!

  5. What a great idea, Matty, I can think of a bunch of ways I can improve my eco-awareness, for January I am going to begin a consistent recycling schedule, as I have been really lax, as of late.

    Thanks Suzy and Matty :)

  6. That's a fabulous goal! I wish I had your ambition. And hey! We're practically neighbors!

  7. Matty, I joined in too! Maybe in Feb I will dry the clothes that way. But, I admit to looooving the convenience of my dryer..LOL!

  8. This is wonderful and such a great way to be gentler to the earth. For the winter, we have a rope hung between the back walls to hang clothes and a wooden drying rack that stays in our bedroom. After a couple of weeks it will just be routine.
    Warm wishes. Tonya

  9. we're not as brave! But, we've come up with a compromise--we use the dryer, but it vents into the house thereby making it warmer & moister! We rigged a panty hose to the dryer vent which is easy to unclog as well...but, I have pics of the Amish homes with clothes strung out along the porch in winter of PA.

  10. My dryer sits right above my washing machine and yes, it is oh sooo easy to just throw a load in! I'm trying to enjoy the outside time that hanging them on the line gives me. Best of luck with your change!


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