Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Even I Am Tired of IT



Measurable amounts.

Up to three inches on top of the ice and snow we already have on the ground from THREE WEEKS AGO.

This makes our third week that temperatures haven't gotten above freezing. While I adore winter -- heck, I have three totes of handknits that I can't wait to wear each year --- it has grown tedious.

It can quit now.

The chickens can't get out of their house; Miss Turkey is tired of snow; the ducks have worn a path around the duck house. The goats, well, even they are cross.

I keep trying to remind myself:

For lo, the winter is past; the rains are over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth.

Hold that thought, won't you? I have to grab another pair of socks. Brrr....


  1. We had a winter storm hit during the night, fortunately after Christopher arrived home from a long drive on the Interstate.

    However, he called this morning to tell us he went off the road and was stuck in a ditch. Driving only 20mph or less.

    Hubby is rescuing him now. The tow truck has been called.

    It is still snowing.

  2. Just remember that we are already through December and one week of January.Spring will be here before you know it. Of course, I can say that because we've hardly gotten any snow!


  3. Please stop sending your snow my way:-) How are you doing on your charitable knitting?

  4. Hi Suzanne,

    Mother taught us to share; I'm sorry! :P

    I am doing okay. I have four items done and another on the needles. I started back to work this week, so not as much is done as hoped!

    What are you into these days??

    Diane and Sarah,

    As you suggested, I found something wonderful to do by spinning mohair and blue faced leicester in a crayola color way. Very nice!

    And, I picked up paperwhites and an amaryllis to start. That will be good medicine, too!

    Take care,


  5. HI Matty,
    I just started an afghan for my younges. My Aunt May made all my kids afghans when they were toddlers--twin bed size, she crocheted. Well, when Lydia came along she started with dementia so her afghan is doll sized:-) I started this simple one as it is all garter and her birthday is in less than two months so I needed a quickie project. Don't you just love the colors! Colors of the rainbow and Lydia loves to spot a rainbow.


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