Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Day Musings

We are watching "CBS Sunday Morning", a tradition of more than 20 years for me. I love watching the different stories and learning about people who are truly no more remarkable than me -- except they are on the news!

This morning a feature focused on extraordinary people making a difference in their communities. As I watched, I realized, these folks are no different from you or me. Don't we all want to make a positive change in our world? Our community? Our lives?

Think about it for a minute. So many of us want to contribute to make our world a better place. We do it through One Small Change or charity knitting or encouraging words or simply loving another when they might not be so loveable. Take a look around you. Look at yourself. Aren't you doing something that might seem remarkable?

So, this morning, as I sit here sipping my Raspberry Zinger tea in front of the fire, I am thinking how fortunate I am to be surrounded by so many remarkable people --- people who don't know they are -- and being grateful.

Have I told you how amazing I think you are?


  1. I know someone quite extraordinary Matty. You! You have encouraged people to think more about charity and what we can do. Thank you!


  2. Jane,

    You are too sweet and very generous!

    Stay warm!


  3. You are verry sweet Matty and amazing !!! Clarice


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