Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Day Musings -- Indulge Me

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We have been clearing out the Mister's brother's belongings these past two Saturdays. We have learned many wonderful things about him: he kept thank you notes from the elementary schools where he spoke on the court system (he was a lawyer); he was an avid Civil War buff (a major Confederate General is in the direct family line); and, he felt emotions very deeply. We have also learned that he was a collector and saved nearly everything he touched. This means we have made two huge loads of just magazines to the dump.

As another piece of what I have been pondering is the class trip on Friday. We saw the base poverty of the coal miners and yet how the women tried to make home pleasant with flower beds and handmade items such as doileys and quilt as well as hand embroidered towels. And, I listened to a colleague explain to the class how "having a good credit score is great! You need to have all the credit you can get!" I begged to differ and actually got to say one sentence: "The borrower is slave to the lender." Personally, I would rather do without than lose my freedom by owing money.

All this has me thinking about choices and how I will be remembered. There is a lot of clutter in my life: stuff, projects, people, negative thoughts, bad habits, and, sometimes, an overwhelming annoyance with other's negativity. A few weeks ago Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me had a great post about how we never know when someone is inspired or touched by us. It might be something as simple as keeping flowers on the porch, but someone will see it and be inspired. I want to be that inspiration.

Thus, I have decided the following:

I will not use the word SHOULD any longer.
I will surround myself with positive people.
I will sit down when I tired or sleep when I need it.
I will avoid activities that I have no passion for.
I will be responsible for my choices only.
I will eat dessert.
I will use treasures such as decorative candles, note cards, or my good dishes instead of saving them.
I will return to singing "The Doxology" every morning when I open the blinds.

Will you join me??


  1. Hi Matty, your post was very beautiful today and gave me a lot to think about as well. I was pondering something similar. I was reading an article in the newspaper, about how difficult waitresses and waiters have it these days because of the rude and hateful attitude of some customers. I was very shocked. All of these situations could have probably been remedied by just a little patience and simple kindness. People everywhere are tired, in pain, worried and anxious. You can really see it when you stop and look into a strangers eyes, when they think no one is looking. It doesn't take much these days to suddenly push a good person over the edge. I think if more of us followed your list of goals we would all feel a little more rested, focused and calm, and be a lot more loving toward those around us. Again, beautiful inspiring post Matty and I am going to try to take your words to heart. Delisa

  2. Amen, sister!!
    Especially to eating dessert ;) to finish knitting sock n watch eat pray love.

  3. My widowed mother-in-law was killed in a traffic accident when she was eighty-five years old. Since this was unexpected, everything in her house was just as it had been for years.

    It took my husband and his brother months of traveling to their hometown on weekends and getting rid of "stuff". That a huge impact on what I save! I got rid of a lot of my files (and even tore up some old journals) because I knew I didn't want the kids to have to go through all of it someday. Now, if I can only get my pack-rat husband to do the same. :)

    Also, there were so many items she had saved to use only during special occasions. She had dozens of gorgeous linens we had to throw away because they fell apart when they took them out of the box. How much better would it have been to bring her joy in using them every day.

  4. Good post Matty! You are so right about the credit thing. I had a similar experience when cleaning out my parent's home after my father died and my mother moved to senior housing. It was a valuable lesson about what's important in life.

  5. Love your list, Matty - especially the last three!!

    Sock knitting is going great!!! I'm having such fun!!!

  6. All I really have to say after that post are 2 things BEAUTIFUL & AMEN SISTER !!

  7. Love it and agree with all of it too!


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