Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cutting Up...

The trip to DC was stellar! I drove the bus. Yeppers. Me. The old gal up front... It was such fun to drive past the huge trucks on the interstate and wave to the drivers! I loved it! When we stopped for lunch, some of the folks went to Burger King and I got a crown to wear -- Bus Queen!

The first night, Thursday, we saw:

Which was hysterical! We had such fun at the Kennedy Center and enjoyed the play. Everything was so lovely around the Center. Flowers were in full bloom and the trees were just starting to sprout! The highlight of the evening was riding back to the Metro on a shuttle and talking with some folks who worked on Capital Hill.

Me: So, where you folks from?
GuyInBlackSuit (GIBS): New Jersy.
Me: Oh no.
GIBS: Why oh no?
Me: I hate New Jersey. Every bit of it.
GIBS: Turnpike, right?
Me: Nope. Roy Rogers.
GIBS: Roy Rogers? He isn't from there!
Me: I know that. But his restaurant is. The chick at the counter was so busy flirting with a bus driver that she let our food get stone cold. I left. And was hungry. And then a truck ran me off the road on the Turnpike. I vowed never to go back to NJ or spend one red Lincoln there. We drove four hours to PA.
GIBS: What happened then?
Me: My husband prayed: "Dear Baby Jesus. Please don't let anyone make my wife angry here. It is late. I am hongry. And I have to use the bathroom. And we are nearly out of gas and I am too weak from hunger to push. Amen."
GIBS: So? Then what happened?
Me: We ate donuts at Sheetz at 2 a.m. and stopped in Paradise.
GIBS: Yeah?
Me: Yeah. It was, too! They had a bathroom, no busses and no Roy Rogers restaurant.

By this time everyone was howling, especially me and the GIBS. What a fun sense of humor and what a great sport! Thanks, GIBS, for a great ride to the Metro!

Coming soon: The Mall, Rain, and Me....


  1. Okay, I want to take a trip with you..LOL!~

  2. Sounds like a great road trip! How fun to be able to drive the bus. I love your sense of humor, I believe you may have just made: "pulling someone's leg" into an art form! :) Welcome home Matty and have a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  3. You drive buses too? I don't like to even drive SUVs. Sounds like a fun trip.


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