Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Construction

THE New Greenhouse is going up and we are so excited! This is where the old barn was many years ago before I bought Lazy Bee Farm. The little building on the left was the old chicken coop that the Mister and I built four years ago, but we outgrew it and built another on the hill that is much larger. This one will come down and a hay building is going up along the side of the greenhouse for protection of the greenhouse and the hay.

Many, many years ago, when my parents, siblings and I all lived in Florida (for about ten years), Daddy had two orchid greenhouse. He loved them! He had everything from cymbediums to oncydiums -- about 5000 total. Then, we all decided to move back to God's country, but keep the greenhouses. This worked well, fall and winter there with spring and summer here, until Hurricane Frederick came ashore. Both greenhouses were nearly destroyed along with all the orchids.

We salvaged what we could of the two greenhouses and brought them here where they have been stored in the edge of the woods until two years ago when Daddy decided he wanted to put up a small one from the remnants. His is about 20 x20, but he has only hardy plants -- no more orchids for him! The Mister and I brought home the rest of the legs and sorted out what could be used and replaced what couldn't with chain link fence posts. We ended up with 20 x40 greenhouse which is Perfect!

We are so excited about having the greenhouse up and plan on using it in the fall and winter for greens and starting seeds. It is my hope to have a CSA in another year and the greenhouse is a big part of how we will keep our members supplied in the late fall and winter months.

And, the best part is that it is nearly all recycled material!

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  1. This is the coolest thing Matty! We have always longed for a green house of our own and it is on the top five of our "to do" list. I'm sorry your Dad lost all of his orchids. That must have been heartbreaking. I would love to see some more pictures when you get it all put together! Have a nice evening! Delisa :)

  2. What a happy ending, and out of salvaged materials to boot! Good luck, guys.

  3. Wow! That's a big greenhouse. You'll be able to grow enough things to supply half the county! We're still debating whether to erect a greenhouse, but ours would be just one of those little ones you get in a kit.

  4. Congratulations! I think this is wonderful...
    thanks for sharing this post on the hop!

  5. Just stopping over from Farm Friends Friday. Your plans sound very exciting.

    How do you plan to heat your green house? If at all? Northern Ohio is very very very cold in the winter. We added a "green house" to the side of our garage but I am debating how we will be able to use it. If the sun isn't shinning I only gain 10 degrees...

    Best of luck! Sounds like you have some great experience in your past to pull from.

  6. How exciting, Matty!!! Will be fun to watch this new addition to Lazy Bee develop and see all the uses of it. (I love farming with you!!)

  7. So great that you've been able to recycle and create such a useful greenhouse. It sounds like it will be a great help for your dreams.


  8. Whoo girl, that is some serious gardening!! You go!! xoxo Clarice


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