Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Day Musings -- Immortal Spring

Flowering quince, covered in bees, by the back door...

Spring – An experience in immortality.

       ~ Henry D. Thoreau

What is it about the brilliant sunshine, gentle breeze, and singing birds that makes one feel as though they are coming alive for the first time? This is how it feels this weekend at Lazy Bee Farm. It is as though I have been asleep for years, as Rip Van Winkle, and am waking to discover the life around me.

It is delicious.

Just last week there was snow on the ground and I was in wool. Today, I am barefoot and the windows are fllung open to allow winter out and spring in. While they are not speaking to each other, I feel that each is ready to take up residence in their new home and is making their exchange willingly. And, as for me, I am happy to see the relocation.

I am a spring baby and it is this time of year that I feel it most. Summer is too hot for me and winter, while I can wear wool, wears thin after a few weeks. Spring is my time. It is a time of possibilities and opportunities. We are certain that this will be the year that our tomatoes will not blight and just as certain that this year we will get the shed cleared out once and for all. For me, spring is the time of hope and ambition. I have not yet suffered the disillusionment of dreams unfulfilled. All is pregnant with new energy -- ready to burst forth and flourish.

Today, I am giddy happy. Flower boxes that the Mister and I built this morning and I have painted a soft lavendar are drying on the porch. The round planters with dwarf spruce pines are overflowing with a ring of purple pansies who cheerily dance in the breeze by the front door. Dark, dusky earth has been turned up and is nearly ready for seeds to nestle down for a  little sleep before erupting into lettuce, radishes, greens, and onions. Stones we gathered yesterday tumble on each other as they wait to be placed as the outside of one garden bed, raised slightly, to accommodate more lettuces. Baby bee bottles glisten in the wings to replace the ones on the feeders that we use to help the girls with a head start on honey.

Isn't it beautiful?? What is your spring day like? Are you feeling immortal??


  1. It is over 80 degrees here today (our normal high is around 60 right now!). Will be glad when it returns to normal but this heat should help the dogwood tree bloom soon.

  2. It was in the 70s today. And sunny! We had a thundershower in the AM but even that was lovely. Made the grass turn green.

  3. Hi Matty! I just loved your post today, your farm sounds so beautiful. Lavender window boxes, how cool is that? What a great color. It hit 92 degrees for us! It felt like we skipped spring altogether and jumped into summer. It is just temporary though and the cooler weather should be back next week. We have a pond in the front of our property and there is a whole batch of tall yellow wildflowers that have popped up and bloomed around it. From my window they look like daffodils. My husband put up all of our newly painted bird houses, and the trees look happy! I hope you have a restful sunday evening and a wonderful week ahead. Delisa :)

  4. Ooooo.. that flowering quince is stunning. What a gorgeous color!


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