Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After spending the greater part of the last three hours listening to younger folks discussing their relationships, I have learned that being old is good. We know what matters. And, frankly, very little does when dealing with relationships. What matters is the respect, love, and support you give and receive. What doesn't matter is what's for supper, what the in-laws are doing, how a friend is living, or where you go on vacation. These are small potatoes and, frankly, won't even matter in a day, week or month.

What does matter?

Being told you are important by the other person taking the time to look at you when you speak.

Having a meal together where you share the day's news.


Having time alone to think.

Listening to each other.

Watching "Poirot" together and trying to figure out the murderer.

Letting the other person sleep in once and while.

In short, consideration, thoughtfulness, kindness, respect, and concern all make life with a partner worth living. I don't know when I figured this out. Judging from all the pain I have seen today, I am glad I did!


  1. I agree, you got that right on! There's so much that just doesn't 'matter'.......... it's learning the mountain/molehill ratio, I think!

    I was just thinking of turning on the 'saved' show of Poirot that I taped (or whatever the new lingo is these days) on the weekend. So we share something else fun, m'friend!

  2. You are a kindred soul! Wish we were closer!

  3. Whatta day!
    About an hour ago an acquaintance from our past showed up. This person hadn't exactly left our life a a good note.
    He had just been to a funeral of his friends' wife..and it dawned on him that he had been living waaaay to fast, too busy, too in a hurry....that his children had grown..and that he hadn't seen us in years. He said, "I was always in a hurry, never got to know his wife as a friend. The people were all saying what a good person she was...and I never knew".
    I am glad he stopped by, glad that he is slowing down...glad he isn't missing out anymore on his life. His wife has stuck with him all this time and yes indeed, she is indeed a saint :)

  4. I have sat and listened to people complain about their husband and then say to me They wish they had a marriage like mine... Umm I say why not? They list reasons usually nothing that is worth worrying about and things that wont be remembered... I finally said on time You know that "Golden Rule".. It applies to marriage too. Even when they arent being the best you still give it your best they will learn eventually.. Some people are just so selfish and they go along unhappy living their fast-paced Cluttered lives.. Complaining.. Then wonder what happened when it all falls apart..
    Great post by the way!


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