Monday, August 9, 2010

My Airman!

Been to see the most handsome Airman in the Air Force this past weekend! Sadly, I forgot my camera, but, trust me, he is doing so well and I am very proud of him.

Ever have one of those weekend where you say to yourself, "did that just happen??"

We did.

Really, did this just happen?

  • Fabulous avacado rolls at the Japanese Steakhouse! Yum!
  • "Despicable Me" really is funny. Who'd've thunk it?
  • Coldstone Ice Cream beats sex. Maybe.
  • Tornadoes on base! Which lead to.... more lightning than I have seen in a long time and... no A/C in the room.
  • The "Heritage Museum" is an intriguing look at Panhandle Florida life. I loved the kitchen! (The Airman did take a picture of it for you. I'll post when he emails it.)
  • There is no such thing as cold water in an Air Force Hotel in Florida. It is warmer than my hot water at home! Really, I guess it kinda balanced out because there wasn't hot water either...
  • "Destin Commons" is a really sweet echo of Main Street. Too cool!
  • No A/C in the car.
  • Nutella Crepes at IHOP rock!
  • I will wait thirty minutes for Nutella Crepes.
  • My credit card was denied because I forgot to notify the credit union that I was traveling and they have a new rule that they won't pay things that are unusual unless they are notified first (thanks, I think). Yes, I had real money. Surprise!
  • I was pulled by Base Security Force for an expired tag, It wasn't. He just had never seen one from NC before. Thank goodness he didn't frisk me. See "Coldstone.."
  • If you go to Heaven or the Bad Place, you have to go through Atlanta.
  • Gas is cheaper everywhere except NC.
  • No oil was on the beach that I could see.
  • I am too old for a bikini... or swim suits... or shorts....
  • There was no screaming on the Destin Bridge. Given my fear of bridges, the Mister, Airman and Friend were gratified that I sucked a peppermint instead.
  • No matter how mad the cat is when you get home, he will still sit on your laptop.

Have you had a good weekend??


  1. Hehehe, there is a whole lot of TRUTH in those words. :)

  2. I finally cave dand bought nutella....I hide it so I don't eat it all :)
    Glad you had a good trip but a thousand lashes with a wet noodle for not taking your camera!


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