Monday, August 2, 2010

Everywhere I Turn

Confirmation of the new lifestyle for me and the Mister is coming from the funniest places.

Turn on the TV and there is a program about living more simply and spending less. Open up email? There is a note from a friend about how they "envy your lifestyle." Church? The minister might as well had said, "Matty! Stand up! I have a word for you this morning!"

Yeppers. Confirmation shows up everywhere.

The message at church yesterday was based on Luke 12 -- the rich fool parable. This is the only parable that Jesus tells where the character doesn't get a chance to change. Remarkable that. But what is more remarkable is the message in the parable. There are five:

1) Avoid preoccupation with possessions. Life isn't about all your stuff.
2) Avoid security of self-sufficiency. Everything comes from God. Remember that.
3) Release the grasp of greed. There is no way you can keep all your stuff. Remember others!
4) Avoid the hollowness of hedonism. It ain't all about you.
5) Avoid practical atheism. In other words, practice Sunday living all seven days of the week.

How do you do this? Two things:

1) Prayer. Pray without ceasing that God will guide your every step and decision.
2) Discernment. Give all you have to God and let Him decide what you keep and what you give. It is all His anyway.

You know, when God wants His way, He can be like a five-year-old in the toy aisle of Wal-Mart. He will kick, scream, spin on His stomach, and cry. If we can give that terrible five-year-old attention, why can't we do the same for Him?

I am listening. Are you?


  1. Such a good message, Matty ; one I should read daily!! Thanks for sharing it.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Matty, I haven't been for a few days, and I was joyed to find...not just one... but several worthwhile reads waiting for me when I got back!

    I'd take the time to leave a decent comment on each, but my vacuum cleaner is reproaching me for leaving her in a heap in the middle of the floor.

    So I'll come back later and really visit!

    BTW, I do know exactly what you mean about confirmations happening no matter where you turn. Gotta love how HE dreams that up for us!


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