Monday, February 1, 2010

Now THIS is the life...

This is Wookie.
Do you see where he is?
See Wookie sleep.
See him start to melt from total ectasy.
See the pillow?
Wookie melts to the floor with stunning regularity.
This is the life.


  1. As I type, my Maine Coon is draped across the back of the living room sofa.

    This morning there was sunshine coming through the curtains and she followed a sunbeam around to sleep in until the clouds came out.

    I'd say these two have made an art of sleeping. We always said that about our Sasha, no one was better at napping. :)

  2. ha ha...luv the are too kind :)
    Our Chubbas sleeps like a dog..out on the open floor, all four paws up in the air.
    She eats dog food too.
    Now if she would stop pawing at the door at 3 a.m. to come in, I might like her better...I did let her in last night..and then she pawed at our bedroom was open, mind you, she pawed really on the door jam, to get one of us up to let us know that her water bowl wasn't HAD water in it, just not full.....if I don't laugh about it, I would own a new black and white fur scarf!!!
    I wasn't laughing this morning :(

  3. How precious...... so nice of you to have that 'catch me' pillow on the floor too!

    It's moments like that that makes me really happy God made kitties for us. We needed them!

  4. Oh to be in such a state of complete relaxation!! Cats are such fascinating animals!

  5. Wookie is a master of the nap! See what not having a care in the World can do for you?


  6. Oh to be able to relax like that!


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