Monday, February 22, 2010

A Mama's Fear

As soon as I got out of the car, I knew something was wrong. Mia was bleating with a desparation that mommas of every species understands. Something was wrong with the kids.

I slid across the yard, into the house, and changed into my barn clothes in a flash and headed to the barn. Mia was screaming, bleating, calling in the most heartbreaking manner. I couldn't walk fast enough. The snow was slush and I kept sliding one way and the next, all the while calling to her, "I'm coming, Mia!"

Everything bad was flashing through my mind; kids caught in the fence; kids missing (we have coyotes); kids drowned in the trough (they are too big now, but my heart wouldn't accept that fact).

As I crested the slope to the barn, I could see the problem.

Munk, all 20-inches and 5 pounds, and Copper, the yearling Dexter bull, were standing nose-to-nose. Mia let out a scream as Copper licked Munk spilling him head over teacups. Standing on the hay rack trough was Maisey, eager to avoid any bull licking, thank you very much.

I ran to the house for a camera, but when I got back to the barn, the kids were back with their momma and peace filled the yard. Both kids were none the worse for wear, however, Munk was sporting a true cowlick as he nestled his mother's bag for a comforting drink.


  1. LOL!! Now that's sweet!!!
    Too bad no one kept there positions until you hand camera in hand!!
    I bet you let a large sigh of relief out!!

    No, daughter did not do that tattoo, local guy did....she did the flames on his right wrist....TrapperDude and I will be the only ones in the family showing up in heaven old school...i.e., no "tats"!

  2. Oh to have a camera handy! Glad their okay, but did that put a few years on your life...LOL!

  3. You do have an interesting and exciting life on Lazy Bee Farm, Matty! I love reading about it. I see a children's book in the making: "The Adventures of Matty and her Lazy Bee Farm."

  4. I would love to see that! Sounds like you have a very close-knit little goat family.


  5. I just love the glimpses into your world. Glad all ended well for Mia and her kids. Kids will be kids, it would appear, in any species!


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