Friday, February 5, 2010

One Small Change Update, Feb. Goals

This month our challenge was to use the dryer less. We did. I only resorted to it four times this month and that was as a result of my own poor planning. I can't wait to see our utility bill.

For our "eating through the pantry" challenge, we spent a grand total of $70.71! We are so pleased! Hooray for us!

This month our commitments are:

One Small Change: We resolve to reduce our heat one more degree. This will put us at a balmy 65-degrees.

We will also continue our "eating through the pantry" challenge. By the way, did you know that you can really, truly eat beans five days in five different ways?

The Santa Train pieces should increase by at least four items.

Looks like an ambitious month, doesn't it?

What are your challenges this coming month?


  1. Hey, you did awesome only using the dryer that much! We turned the heat down and used wood mostly and did great. I bagged the pantry challenge as we were all sick we were basically living on coke and saltines anyway...LOL! But I am getting back to that one tomorrow when I see if I need anything at the grocery store. We are staying out of the stores this month and trying to do mostly handmade for all the birthdays coming up--that's my Feb challenge:-) Put your longjohns on and have a great weekend Matty:-)

  2. Hi Matty,
    That sounds like a very good goal for this month and congratulations on not using your dryer much in January.
    Warm wishes,


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