Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Day Musings, Challenge Update

Three hats, two pair mittens, and one warm pair of socks. I am making progress! Of course, nothing has been washed yet. I am saving that chore for a sunny day in the spring so they can dry outside.
Looking back over the month, we have done fairly well with our "one small change" challenge. We continue to eat through the pantry, but had the opportunity to purchase 1/8 beef (Don still eats meat) and 20 pounds of home grown sausage. So, our grocery bill for the month was right at $170. That is still remarkable since we fed three people for part of the month.
Our commitment this coming month is to declutter and eliminate 100 items. Fortunately, this coincides with Melissa's, Virtuous Woman (see sidebar), Spring Cleaning 2010. Hopefully, this will give us a leg up on the project. Here at the door of the month, it seems overwhelming. However, like eating an elephant, only one bite at a time will get the job done!
What are your goals this coming month?


  1. Oh Matty, your knitted things are so cute! I LOVE the socks. I do have to learn to make those. Thanks so much for posting about your item challenge and inspiring me to jump in - I really am enjoying it!!

    As for goals, we, too, continue to work at decluttering our lives. I sometimes wonder if we'll ever be done but we do keep "biting" away at it.

    Happy March!!

  2. Someone on the receiving end of handmade is going to be mighty happy!


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