Thursday, February 4, 2010

"I Drive a Sub!"

A former student has returned from National Guard boot camp and came by to tell this story.

As a reservist, the young man is now attending college and working part-time for a local sandwich shop. Understand, he has learned to operate some of the most powerful weapons in the world and, at the tender age of 20, is still sufficiently optimistic to see the humor in the fact that he is able to use these weapons and the only part-time employment he can find is making sandwiches.

After the second day of work, he asked his supervisor for a name tag.

"You have to earn it," the supervisor replied.

"What? How do you earn a name tag?"

"Well, you just do. Look, just because you can drive an 18-wheeler doesn't mean you just get a CDL. You still have to take the test and earn it," the supervisor responded.

"Look," the young man answered. "I'm driving a 12" sub and a toaster. I don't think it is the same thing."

He's looking for a job again.

Me? I find myself giggling every time I think about it.

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  1. Some people get sooo serious about the little stuff.....

    Too funny!


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