Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catch That Car!

Last week, before John left, we ran out for errands and dinner. When we got home, it was snowing and we had a little sleet.

Now, understand, I drive a Forester, so I wasn't too concerned about the condition of the driveway or parking my car. Heck, you just put the transmission in low and she'll pull about any hill. So, we pulled up, I put on the parking brake, shut her down, and we got out.

And watched the car slide down the driveway....


  1. When we lived in Western Michigan in the 1980s, we would snicker when one of the 4-wheel drive vehicles was seen in a ditch.

    Mainly because those with 4-wheel drive would run those of us without it off the road.

    Of course, I'm not snickering at you. No, not at all. Although I must admit I'd be laughing as long as the car (or anyone else) as not hurt. :)

  2. I nearly fell down laughing! It was a hoot!

  3. AAIIIIEEEE!! Leave me hanging like that!
    How did you get it to stop?????
    I hope no one/nothing was in the way...
    (so glad I don't live in snow country, so glad, so glad...)

  4. Okay, I had to laugh Matty. When I was younger and still lived at home we had a steep drive and I parked my car and was ready to go to bed and happened to look out the kitchen window and lo and behold my car was in the neighbors front yard just a smidge from their front door! Thank God for fathers--he went out and got it...LOL!

  5. Ps...did you run after the car:-)

  6. We just let her stop and then moved her again! She stayed put, but I am doubtful she wanted to!

  7. "but I am doubtful she wanted to!"

    When my son was small we used to pretend that shopping carts and cars etc had minds of their own and when we saw one "making a break for it", we would have fun making up a story about it. I see you have the same fun imagination! I wonder where "she" was off to? (-:


  8. First you had escaping animals and now cars! Glad to see the Forrester is up and running again and full of pepper! That's a good car when it likes to go so much, it does it on its own!



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