Friday, February 17, 2012

What's Happening?

Can you see the rainbow? This was taken in late October. Thank goodness!
It reminds me that spring is a'coming!

This week has been busy on Lazy Bee Farm. Heirloom seeds from Southern Seed Exchange are on their way; potatoes from the Wood Prairie Farm should arrive any day now. And a cold frame (thanks, Jane, for the suggestion!) should be delivered Monday. Soap making is going hot and heavy now; the house smells divine from the many essential oils I use. Needles are out to start dishcloths and the loom is being dressed for tea towels.

I feel that spring is nearly here, although it is just mid-February. It must be the combination of the 50-degree days and the lengthening days. Last night, I started unwinding my portable fence for the asparagus and blackberry beds. I have about 50 blackberry plants to tuck in the earth tomorrow. Yes, I plant by the signs, doesn't everyone?

We have a bit of worry, as well, though. Our Mia, the Nigerian pygmy, has been under the weather. I have tried everything --- worming, drench, supplements, and even two shots -- antiobiotics and a vitamin cocktail. Nothing seems to help her. She stands and stares into space. She will not eat grain and is nibbling the hay. It is as if the life has been sucked out of her. The fecal wash came back clear and free of any parasites. The vet is stymied, too. So, we are just trying to keep her unstressed and comfortable. She is still on her feet, but her temperature slips up in the evenings. I just am at a loss and feel so helpless.

This weekend promises to be busy. We picked up a load of wood from the below-the-mountain farm on Wednesday and need to cut at least two more loads this weekend. And, hay needs to be moved up the mountain as well as some fencing to move Miss Hollie. March 12 there is a Future Farmer's Association feeder steer sale nearby. I want to have seven on my bottom pasture, so this is the time to buy them. They will have pigs, as well, so I suspect one will come this way. I have just the place for them --  Right Under the Neighbors Who Built on the Property Line. Their house is perked on the side of the mountain rather than back 50 feet as the original owers had planned. Thus, they stand on their deck, drinking, fighting, and yelling while all the time watching us. They even lean over the rail if they can't see what we are doing clearly enough. Thank goodness they are only here a few weekends a month. So, the pigs will show them farm living at its best, don't you know!

What are you plans for the weekend??


  1. Hope Mia is going to recuperate. Did she get into something that perhaps she shouldn't? You sound busy. How you fit it all in and teach too, I'll never understand. Those awful neighbors! Wish we had some pigs for "Nancy" that I wrote to you about!

  2. Hi Matty! I nominated you for an award! You can read about it over on my blog.

  3. On Mia try a 1 tsp of cayenne in enough water to drench her with it. And do it for a couple of days. It works very well to kick start them. Its full of B-vitamins, Vitamin C and other good for them things..
    I have 2 piglets headed this way.. They were born the 12th.. They will be pasture raised after the Aerate the goat bedding in the barn..

  4. Hope Mia gets well soon! I love the pig idea!!

  5. Hello, I was told you had a sick goat and thought I would come on over and see what is going on. Have you checked her gums and under eyelids> If not, check them out as they should be a healthy pink, not pale pink. Let me know what you find and we can go from there.

  6. Dear Matty,

    You naught girl, putting a pig right under your neighbors~ I love it! :) I do hope that Mia gets better. Animals are just little members of the family, and it's so hard when you don't know how to make them better!

    I hope that you got your blackberries and wood in today; we've been cruising on Craigslist, looking for a place in the country (no luck). Then we're going to work on Audrey's quilt, and clean up the bedrooms!



  7. I can't believe how much it felt like Spring this last week even where we live (not all that far from Chicago!).

    Love the idea of putting the pig close to the nosy neighbors. I spent my earliest of years living on a hobby farm across from a grain elevator.

    There were pigs beside the elevator where I came to realize baby pigs were some of the cutest of God's creation! But they do bring with them an aroma... ;)

  8. Hi Matty, what a busy life you have, you accomplish so much! I sure hope your little goat is doing better and will soon be on the mend. It is like spring here as well. Some of the wildflowers are beginning to bloom and the buds sprouted on our ornamental pear trees! I hope you have a great week ahead and a nice evening tonight. Delisa :)


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