Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are You Up For A Challenge?

Okay, folks, are you up for a challenge that will help children undergoing treatment for life threatening diseases? Sandy and I have taken on this as our February project. Instead of Valentines this year, I am giving to these guys. Read on...

From Craft Hope blog:

Time and again at Craft Hope we have learned that little things make a big difference. For the past few years we have collected handmade goods from around the world for people who need a little HOPE.

So are you ready?!? For Project 16 :: The Littlest Warriors, we will be collecting handmade beanies and bags for kids just like Pierce who are fighting cancer. Pierce’s mom, Melanie, has graciously volunteered to collect and distribute the items to the kids who need them most.
Here are the details:
We need BEANIES (hats) for babies through teenagers. All noggin sizes. They can be knit, crochet, fabric. You name it. They can be embellished with flowers and bows. But don’t forget about the boys. They need hats too. It’s very difficult to find adorable hats and we think this community is the best place to get them. There are a hundred and one patterns online for beanies/hats. If you have one you’d like to share post it in the comments and I’ll put up a post to share with everyone.


We need BAGS for the kids to take with them to the hospital. They can be simple tote bag style or whatever suits your fancy. And if you are so inclined fill them up with goodies for the kids. Some ideas are books, puzzles, crayons, coloring books. The opportunities are endless. I’ll post ideas and suggestions shortly.

As with any Craft Hope project, don’t get lost in the details. Make a bag or a beanie. Make twenty. Get a group together and make bags and/or beanies. It’s totally up to you! There aren’t measurement requirements. If you find a pattern you like, go for it. I loved receiving the sock monkeys and seeing that each one had his own little personality. That’s exactly what we are hoping for with this project.

Melanie lives up in Minnesota and will be distributing the beanies and bags to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, the Miracles of Mitch Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House. Melanie will also be a guest blogger here at Craft Hope giving you loads of information about these little warriors.

The deadline for Project 16 :: The Littlest Warriors is Monday, March 12, 2012. Please mail the beanies and bags to:

Melanie Bimson
16026 Temple Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55345

How about it? Are you in for it?? Let's see if we can blow their minds with love from all over the country. If you need yarn, will you let me know? I have plenty to share!

Needles up ... and ... off we go!


  1. What a wonderful project......... I wish you good success.

  2. I'll never keep up with your "one-a-night" Matty, but I am up for the challenge. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Happy knitting!!

  3. I'll try. but I can't make any promises. Lately my hands and knitting needles are not on friendly terms.

  4. Hi Matty, what a important and lovely organization! Thank you for letting us in on everything. When I read you post yesterday, I thought, wow this is just what i need to be doing too this month. I finished a little baby hat in soft pale pink with a pom pom on top yesterday and now I'm making a teenage size beanie with this cool self designing yarn called "tangerine stripes". I hope I can finish my goal of six hats in various sizes before the deadline hits. Have a great week ahead Matty! Delisa :)


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