Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Friday

My mind is all over the place today. So, here we go...

After waiting A FULL YEAR to finally get someone here, we have the tile man coming today to finish the kitchen tile! Yeah! One of the problems of living so far out in the boonies is that no one really wants to come here to do any work for us. It takes 30 minutes just from the closest town, so you can see that this poses a real issue for most repairs that we can't do. I am thrilled this fella is actually coming through. So, there, all six of you other guys who didn't!

Weaving. Weaving. Weaving. I have warp on the living room loom for four towels. I want the loom out of the living room so I can put our Christmas tree in the front bay window... just where the loom is now. So, yesterday, I wove, wove, wove. One towel is done! At this rate, we will be decorating the tree on Christmas Eve!

This year I want to do a country Christmas theme using only what I have or can recycle. This will be fun as I want to use as many natural elements as I can. As beautiful as everything looks this morning with the heavy frost on it, I wish I could capture that look and bring it indoors!

Gifts. I have a table full of gifts to wrap today. The Mister and I adopted three boys from the Angel Tree. So much fun to shop for little people! Now, the wrapping. Not so much fun... And, speaking of gifts. I have a very special one coming next week. Can't wait to show you!

You see how I am mind mapping today?? Crazy. What are you up to today??


  1. Perfectly understand about the tile man Matty. You'd think the economy was booming the way these independent contractors act. Can't wait to see your finished projects and your big surprise. The local store stopped having a Giving Tree now they just take cash donations. Not nearly as much fun. But Jamie and I still got to do some shopping for Toys for Tots. That's so much fun! Found the cutest penguins that Jamie had to wrestle away from me, because I wanted to keep them!

  2. Hi Matty! Sounds like you are having a very productive day. I have always wanted to learn how to weave. How fun to have a loom in your living room. I am having a quiet day, I came down with the sore throat bug that has been traveling around and I am looking forward to resting with my blanket a little later this afternoon and getting some knitting done. Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  3. Love the random mind wandering days! I'm planning on the tree tomorrow...but I'm simplifying a lot! With my crazy cat Sophie, I am afraid to put anything breakable on the tree itself. Boy, I'm drawn to weaving...but, yeah...can I take on another hobby? I'd love to see some of your work. I have two more weeks of work... oh yes...two more weeks. They are making me work on the special birthday. We're done on the 23rd. At least it's a full week off afterwards! I'm desperate!
    Many Hugs!!


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