Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pray and Push

Late yesterday I had to run to the Mt. Airy farm for hay. When I got there, our farm hand decided he "didn't feel like loading the hay" and left. (May be looking for a job, soon! :) ). I loaded it myself. All 22 bales. That is all my little truck will hold even when it is stacked three rows high.

When I got home, after dark, the Mister was here.
"Who helped you?" he asked.

"I did it myself. C didn't 'feel like it,'" I responded.

After he unloaded four bales for this morning's feeding, with a promise to finish tonight, he remarked, "some of them were pretty stout. How'd you do it?"

"I prayed and pushed," I giggled.

I think he has a new respect for me! And, I think I learned a life lesson -- pray and push no matter how hard!

What are you doing today? Any baking going on?? I smell sugar cookies from someplace.....


  1. I had that happen when we were moving back home from Michigan. It was like God gave a supernatural ability to pack and then help load the truck and my back didn't even start hurting.

    Isn't He wonderful?

    I'm not so sure about the man who SHOULD have been doing the job, though!

    No Christmas baking here today but I am going to put the ingredients for bread in the bread machine on the dough cycle. It is cold and WET here!

  2. Pray and push! Got it! Ran and the boys are always astounded how I manage to move all the furniture from one floor to the other when I'm alone. Just a matter of applying physics. So what are you doing special for the return of your beloved son?

  3. Hi Matty, I have had those moments too when I have done things physically that surprised myself. I was never too good at lifting heavy things, but I used to be a very good climber, and I had a knack of being able to jimmy just about any kind of window open and get into someone's house if they locked themselves out. You would be surprised at how many phone calls I received over the years from family and neighbors. I know.. kind of an odd talent. :) One time I was house sitting my brother's apartment while he was on vacation and I accidentally shut his cat in between the front door and the screen door. The screen door locked behind me when I shut it and the keys were trapped in the front door deadbolt. The poor Kitty! I had to scale up a stucco wall and climb through a tiny window over his shower. To this day I don't know how I did it or managed to squeeze through! But I did, and the Kitty was none the worse for the wear. Delisa :)

  4. I like that - Pray and Push - In that order. God asks us to pray but expects us to push, too. (Although pushing 22 bales might have been more than should be expected.)

    Kringla and Pecan Balls are on my agenda for today.

  5. It's surprising sometimes what you can do when you set your mind to it. No sugar cookie baking here - we are making homemade pretzels today though:)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!



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