Monday, December 5, 2011

Keep It Clean!

Eight weeks ago I was diagnosed with an ulcer --- which isn't a surprise considering what my only child does for a living! However, the doctor, whom I adore, suggested three things: drugs, diet, and exercise. So, I took his advice and started a med to heal the ulcer, changed my diet to a "clean one" and have started exercising -- a little. However, it is the eating clean that has been the most interesting!

Eating clean means not eating processed foods or things that have a lot of preservatives. Now, we had been eating, I thought, pretty much this way. We eat local foods and we eat mostly veggies. But, going to the full "clean diet" has been fascinating!

For each meal, we have a bit of protein in some form -- egg, dairy, cheese, beans, or even white meat. To that we add at least one cup of veggies of some kind and at least one fruit serving. Our foods are distributed thusly: 45% protein, 35% carbohydrates, and the balance in healthy fats. This translates into about 365 calories for each of our three meals and two snacks.

We have nothing white -- flour or otherwise (yes, I miss my potatoes -- I am, afterall, Scot-Irish). There is little caffeine and a smidge of sweetener (gotta have those!). The result: collectively we have dropped more than 30 pounds without even trying!

Eating locally and in season has always been our guide and so it is now. However, we are finding that combining this philosophy with the clean eating one has given us more vitality and a better overall feeling of health and well being.

Try this for breakfast and see what you think:

1 c. either fresh or frozen peaches
1 c. steel oats, cooked
1 T slivered almonds
1/2 -1 t. vanilla

Cook the oats your usual way or in almond milk. Add the peaches, almonds, and vanilla. Toss in a dollop of organic or homemade yogurt.

Add a side of veggie sausage or bacon or turkey sausage / bacon for the additional protein.

Eat until you are completely satisfied and are ready to lick the bowl! Yum!


  1. Good for you Matty! Been slacking off lately with my healthy eating, but now that Thanksgiving has come and gone,I need to get back to it. Your oatmeal sounds wonderful.

  2. Hi Matty, I'm sorry to hear that you have developed an ulcer. I have struggled with stomach ulcers on and off for years. But the good thing is that they do heal up and feel better pretty quickly when you take the medicine and change up your eating a little. The medicines they have these days are wonderful. I felt better just two weeks after starting mine. You'll probably find that after it begins to heal up you can start adding back some of your favorite foods. The key is learning to be proactive, and finding out what hurts and limiting those foods from your diet before any damage is done. I also had to really look at my lifestyle and see where the stress was coming from and work on ways to relax and as my doctor told me "go where the peace is". :) I hope you feel better real soon and have a lovely day ahead! Delisa :)

  3. My MIL wanted us to try a gluten free diet. I did for a while...but I missed bread. I have cut back on the crackers and bread though. I have toast only on Sundays. But, we do the rice/potato thing about 4 nights a week. I really want to lose weight...and I have lost a bit--with all the stress this past week...stress and I are one with weight loss, I just don't eat at all! It's not healthy though. I started a yoga routine and I like it. But, my cardio is not on track. I like exploring these food options. I hope your ulcer is on the mend. I used to get major heartburn...but it's been better.
    Take care!!

  4. Sorry you've got an ulcer. Children do that sometimes ;) taters? No rice either? NO CARBS??????
    Lost 30 pounds?
    Ok, I'll play...
    Is it helping the ulcer that you notice?

  5. Hi Matty! I think I just heard Dave Ramsay read your letter on the radio!

  6. Hi Matty, Congratulations on your 50th follower, and that would be me.
    I came from Sassafras and Winterberry blog.

    I'm so sorry that your friend's husband got beaten. but I'm glad he's on the mend.
    This hits home as we are farmers and I'm the one who has to go feed the calves. We have a large property and people are trespassing and go hunting ducks on our land even though we have no hunting signs and no trespassing signs.

    A couple of years ago someone stole a car and went joy riding and drove the car on our property and burnt the car in our hay field. The following year someone got their truck stuck in the field and call a tow truck and they too got stuck and finally they had to call my husband to come pull them out with the big tractors and the trespasser had the gall to charge my husband with damaging his vehicle. The field was heavily damaged but that didn't matter to him.

    Now when someone is stuck in our fields, my husband will charge them for trespassing and will not tow them out.

    It is unbelievable what people are allowed to get away with.

    I read your previous post and I like your way of thinking. JB

  7. Hi Julia!

    Thanks for peeking in! I love your story about people getting stuck in your pasture. Isn't it remarkable how a "good Samaritan" recipient sours if they think something isn't "right"? Shame on them!

    We have often thought of charging folks for pulling them out of the ditches when they slide off the road here in the snow. LOL Once we had a van slide off and roll over. The occupants got out, walked around, and en masse rolled it back on its wheels and drive off!

    Welcome and I hope to see you again soon!

  8. You have an ulcer; I do not like hearing that!! I am glad you are eating whole foods and exercising. Make sure you take some time every day for you and REST, You run too much xoox Clarice


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