Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More and More Projects!

I am in love! I read about this book on Deb's blog a few weeks ago and ordered it immediately. It is wonderful! The projects range from a simple cell phone cover to a more complicated sweater. And all these can be completed in a week or less. Now, that is my kind of knitting!

For several years now, I have toyed with knitting all the projects in Knitter's Almanac, but I haven't done that yet. Now, however, it intrigues me to work 52 projects in one year. Yeah, I know, I probably do that many now, but this somehow seems more interesting to me. They are pretty little things -- things that I wouldn't normally make. And, the yarns are sumptious -- and most of the projects won't always require more than a skein. And, I can use what is in the stash for those more ambitious projects.

Right now I am only toying with attempting this challenge. But, I keep going back and looking at the books and dreaming and planning and dreaming and planning and... well, you see how it is.

Have you ever done such a challenge? How do you set your goals?


  1. I'm itching to knit! I'm still working on the same socks I blogged about four months ago! Plus, I'm surrounded by all the yarn I made for my Etsy shop...I might have to use some of it for me!

  2. Hi Matty! I have never done a challenge like that, but it sounds fun! A couple of years ago I set a goal of trying to have two projects going at one time. One simple project I could just pick up that would be mindlessly relaxing and then one difficult project that would keep me focused and moving forward with my skill set. I also wanted to try and add something a little unique to each project I made. A little delicate edging, some beads, just a little something at the end to make it stand out as being made by me. Your challenge would be fun though, kind of like that movie "Julie and Julia" about the girl who wanted to make every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook! :) It might give you a bit of a creative kick start. I am going to take a look at that book. I really like Debbie Bliss alot. Rest well and have happy knit-filled dreams! Delisa ;)

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge Matty!Have already decided to be more creative in the coming year. Perhaps you'll inspire me.


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