Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joyful Things

These are things to make one joyful:

Having the Airman home -- healthy, strong, happy!
Decorating the house and making it homey and comfy.
Enjoying fresh eggs for breakfast.
Finding beautiful shebert coloured tea roses on sale at the grocery store.
Noshing fresh lettuce, a tad tart!, from a friend's winter garden.
Walking a country road with a certain Mother and Daddy and rejoicing they are still here and able to do so!
Admiring the stars as they twinkle into being one at a time in the early December dusk.
Giggling over the Airman's latest tales.
Watching a Christmas movie with the Mister.
Celebrating life!

Here's sending you a Joyful Day!


  1. Sounds blissful! I'm glad you've been blessed with such a day!

  2. What a beautiful list Matty! So happy to hear that you had such a wonderful day. You asked if I have been knitting any new projects? I have a shawl I am crocheting for a friend, I'm almost done. She will be out at the end of the month so I am racing against time. It is made with a soft, gold yarn, a solid pattern in the center, bordered by a really pretty lace. I also have a pair of light blue gloves just finished, but I am going to try to embellish them with crocheted snowflakes. I'm going to use a real small size 20 or 30 thread to try and get as much detail as I can. I am making some black dress gloves too and have the first one finished. The yarn has some sparkle to it and I found these really pretty crystal beads i would like to try and incorporate in the design, but I'll have to wait and see, I don't want them to be too "over the top" :) So that is what I have been up to. Will have pictures soon. Have a restful evening! Delisa :)

  3. So good to hear that you are in a joyous mood, Matty! Enjoy your visit with the Airman!

  4. A wonderful list and well said Matty. I am soo glad airman is home. Enjoy every moment xox Clarice


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