Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What did you do today?

Have you ever had that asked of you after spending an entire day home, working like a crazy woman with your hair on fire?

Honestly. If I get asked that One More Time in my life, there will be a need for that bail account I keep.

How much of our work is "unseen"? Laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, dusting (okay, you can see that one), meal planning, answering the phone, cleaning the refrigerator, picking up cat hair, dog hair, goat poop (from your shoes, of course  -- okay -- you can see that, too) and the hundred little things we do every day that are not always "seeable." Just once, I'd like a film crew to follow me around all day to document the million and two things I do that Can't Be Seen... like not smacking the student who emails me with :

hey! do we have a test?

Of course, you can see the problem here. No salutation. No signature. No class number. Oh, and no idea what class this student is in. Believe it or not, I do get emails from students about Biology. Let me make it clear here that I only took one Biology course and that was under duress. It was "required" and I waited until my senior year in college, last semester, to take it. I passed with a B and no fingernails from all the nibbling while in class...

Or they could document the fact that I totally controlled myself when I reached in the car today to lift the gallon of milk that had fallen on my coat AND LEAKED. I don't even drink milk, but the Mister asked me to pick up his favorite brand at a store on my way home. So, I did. Now, I have a corduroy coat in the wash... which lead me to ....

....that whole unfortunate thing that happened when I realized that the laundry I Started Yesterday was STILL In the Washer. It smelled a little, well, you know. So, another load through the wash; more time waiting; more money on electric; more money on soap. And, I felt really stupid for doing that. Of course, it meant the coat had company, so I consoled myself with that...

I think next time someone asks me: "What did you do today?" I am going to respond: "Didn't go to jail."


  1. Not going to jail is a very noble endeavor, Matty. Unfortunately, most of my days are spent like this. Vacuuming up dog hair has got to be the biggest practice in futility that ever was. The whole time I'm doing it, Georgie is barking so hard at the cleaner that his hair literally leaves a trail. Just got to think of it as a way to get a little extra exercise in patience.

  2. LOL... well now, I never did think about the wisdom of setting aside a little something for bail, but I do recognize the possible need for it... for I totally recognize 'those'days!

    And thank you, Jane, for your too-funny quip about your futile dog hair clean up accompanied by your soloist in barking!

    It's always refreshing to visit, Matty!

  3. Hi Matty, sorry you had one of "those days". I'm feeling it with you sister! Especially the part about the milk on your courderoy jacket.

    I'm going through my favorite denim jacket withdrawals right now. I can't find it anywhere and everyone is oblivious to it's very existence. "Oh you had a denim jacket? The one you have worn every fall for the last ten years with all your patches on it. The one that we all took turns borrowing because it was warm and soft in all the right places? Nope, never seen it."

    So maybe I will follow your advice and stash a little bit of my yarn money aside for a good oncoming temper tantrum! Have a lovely evening pal. Delisa :)

  4. Ahh the joy of Stupid questions!.... have had many dumb questions like that.. Thats one reason I like FB some people that think I dont do much now hopefully know differently..

  5. A blog with humor.............love it!


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