Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Number Two...

They say it comes in threes....

A 20-year-old over worked and very appreciated washer can rust out the bottom of its tub, leaving one with a very brown, icky mess on the floor.... and a lot of water... And it does it all without a bit of warning. Do you know how much water is in a washer? Sigh.

Result?? A very clean bathroom floor and a new best friend, Mr. F.L. Washer (Front Load). Let's hope we "make friends" soon. Right now, he makes me nervous. I think we need a better pet name for him, myself.

Gee... I can't wait to see what number three is.....


  1. I'd be hiding out in a dark closet somewhere for awhile....

  2. Hi Matty, so sorry that you had such a mess to clean up!. I love my new front loading washer. Two really big pluses: 1. saves a lot of electricity,and water, plus we use less soap. We have seen a real big savings over the last year! 2. So much easier to load and less stress on the back. Hope that helps! Just keep hanging in there. Delisa :)


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