Saturday, October 15, 2011

Important Lesson Learned

Never never never never ever enter a lot with two breeding bucks who are nearly overcome with their passion for does in the next paddock. It will not go well for you. Trust me on this one.

After being nearly beaten to death by my darling Louie, whom I bottle fed, for crying out loud, I have learned that if I have been with the does and then enter his lot, he will think I am a doe. Yeppers. He wanted to date. I didn't. He didn't believe me that No meant NO! Other than several nasty nasty bruises (it made me reconsider disbudding my goats briefly...), a twisted wrist and shoulder, I am fine. I was so upset I sat in the milking parlor and cried like a silly girl. Honestly, it was traumatizing...

Now, to be honest, I have never ever had this kind of problem with a buck before -- even Louie. He has always been sweet, loving, easy to manage, and a pure joy --- even if he does pee on his face and smell awful. But, apparently, several weeks of does in heat has just broken him down into a quivering mess. I am sure it doesn't help that the gals are standing against the fence making doe eyes (I never understood this expression until I had goats) and shaking their tails at them. Hussies!

The Mister and I had planned a new paddock for just the bucks back last fall and a friend's son came and started, but never finished, it. Guess who worked on fencing today??

In the meantime, the Mister has custody of the bucks and I am staying well away from Louie. I came perilously close to shooting him last night, once I escaped. And, I love him too much to do that. So, it is best we take a break from each other. At least until he is moved and the does aren't tormenting him quite so much.


  1. That is scary. You could have been seriously hurt. Last week a man who raised a herd of deer was killed by one of the males as he entered the field.
    I'm glad you are OK

  2. Hi Matty, I hope you are feeling better. It sounds like a very traumatic experience. I have never raised goats or other farm animals. I did have a dog I loved years ago turn on me unexpectedly. I didn't know that he had been hurt and when I reached out I got a pretty bad bite. I sat and cried too. It really shakes you up. After something like that happens, it kind of makes you feel like the world turned upside down for a moment. I am sorry you were hurt and I hope the rest of your weekend goes more smoothly. You and your husband sound like wonderful shepherds! Delisa

  3. You know how to turn on the charm ;)
    We had a friend end up with a good number of stitches in her thigh after a run in with one of her rams...not pretty!
    Glad you weren't seriously hurt.

  4. Are you saving your goat adventures.... they would make a great book!

    BTW, we're glad too that you weren't seriously hurt!

  5. You do have an adventured filled life on your Lazy Bee Farm! So different from my city life. (I caught a mouse on my patio last week!)

    Glad you weren't seriously hurt!!

  6. Oh My goodness!! Matty you could have been seriously hurt! I had a buck one time that got a little aggressive like that when the girls came in heat. They also can pick up on your hormones at that time of the month. But this byck Ihad was young and he was constantly getting out.. He would go after me when I was in the pen and guess who he belonged to??? Me of course.. But one day he got me right in the stomach full force head on. It hurt! I tackled him and sat on him. Held him down till he quit struggling. It showed him who the boss was.. Of course him being Nubian if he had been any older I doubt I could have done that. He also didnt like my husband...Who had to catch him one time.. And when he tried to lead him back to the pen he wouldn't lead so instead he grabbed him by the back legs and started pulling him towards the pen. The Buck gave up and just laid there like that as Kyle was dragging him back to his pen.. It wasnt that far but apparently it was humilating enough that he wouldnt look at us for 2 days. But he behaved for a while.. We finally found him a new home.. Bucks can be dangerous even little ones! I dont trust even the sweetest guys when they are in Rut! I hope you heal up from the ordeal quickly!


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