Monday, October 24, 2011


Never, never, never, ever, evah, put a peeled hardboiled egg in the microwave to heat it and then, once it is heated, stick a fork in it.

Did you know an exploding egg can cover 250 square feet?? And still leave a gob in the bowl?

Don't ask.


  1. i leave you alone for two seconds...

  2. Alright then... we won't ask! But inquiring minds wanna know..........

  3. I'm getting pictures in my mind...Can't say I've blown anything up in the microwave, but I did have that fiasco with a mixer and some boiled frosting once! That stuff hardens fast too!

  4. I thought it was only eggs with shells one was not to put in microwaves!

    Ummm... did you take pictures? ;)

  5. Wow Matty! I'm glad you didn't get burned. Eggs and microwaves are not a good combination. I also had a baked potato explode on me like that once! Thanks for the warning, it is a good reminder. I hope you have a good evening ahead. Delisa :)

  6. Yikes..... I dont even have a microwave.. ours quit and I wouldn't put out the $50 for a new one... After a month we didnt even miss it... I am sure you will find egg pieces in places you never thought it would go.. Hope you didnt get burned...


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