Monday, September 26, 2011

Wrong Side ...

... of the bed. That is the pure description of my day. I got up late and on the wrong side of the bed.

I was wet all weekend from torrential downpours at the Grayson Highlands Festival. And tired to the bone, to boot. So, I overslept. By an hour. I ate cinnamon toast and peanut butter on the way to work. I dropped both on my pants. It looks like I peed in my pants because of the grease stain. Lovely.

I didn't get to wash my hair because I overslept. A pony tail on Monday is a sure sign that the week is starting off on the wrong foot.

The Mister has annoyed me to the point that I just don't even want to speak his name. Just saying, it could be his fault that I overslept. No finger pointing... just saying...

The car is still jumping off and on.... after spending $200 at the mechanics last week and didn't want to run this morning which made me Even Later. I shouldn't be annoyed at the car. At least it has worked. Hard. For nearly 500,000 miles. Maybe I feel like the Mister should do the same...

Wendy's has the worst salad in the world. I guess it is true you get what you pay for; if I had gotten up on time, I was going to have a lovely Amish yogurt cheese and veggie sandwich for lunch. And it was fresh. And still is.... in my refrigerator.

I am wearing tennis shoes because I overslept and didn't lay my clothes out last night because I was too tired and then I couldn't find my knee high hose this morning. At least the shoes are black. Like my pants. And don't have peanut butter on them. Unlike my pants.

You know, as I think about it, maybe I should have stayed in bed instead of getting out on the wrong side....


  1. That happened to me a few weeks ago. Sit down, take a few deep breaths, and hit the re-set button. It really does throw off the whole day!

  2. Mama said there'd be day like this. If misery loves company, maybe it will cheer you up to know my week is starting out on the very wrong foot too.

  3. Wellll NOW You will know what to do to make Tomorrow a Better day!!

  4. Sounds like my week, last week! Today I went to work determined to not make it my whole life. I spent the day with the mantra..."it's just a day job, it's just a day job"! I hope that tomorrow is kinder, by far, for you! At least on the clothing!! After all, who needs more wash to do?
    Take good care!

  5. Hey pal, sorry about your rotten, crummy, horrible, rotten, awful day! My goodness, I would feel cross too. Few things are worse than peanut butter on dress pants! I hope there was some glimmer of hope as the day went on. Sleep well tonight, sometimes a good shower and a good rest can be an amazing "reboot". With best wishes for a wonderful, delightful, fantastic and awe-inspiring tomorrow... Delisa :)
    P.S. I know... Wendy's salads are pretty bad. When we got our first Wendy's in my old hometown in the late 70's, it was so fantastically good, now everything there makes my stomach hurt. :(

  6. Some days are like that. There are days when I just wish the day was over already. Like Scarlett says "after all, tomorrow is another day" :)

  7. You almost had me rolling out of my computer chair on this one... LOL-ing!

    I don't recall peanut butter on my pants -- thankfully since it makes you look like you peed, but I can assure you that honey dropped on pants do conjure up similar urggg feelings.....

    Still laughing... m'friend!


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