Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slow Learner = Jail Time

When I get home today I am going to see if the barrier I built yesterday to keep Anabel (the goat) from jumping the knee wall and getting into the hay stall. For three days, I have come home to the most mournful wailing and bawling. Now you know that Anabel is a Drama Queen of great talent. So, I really didn't give it much credit the first day. I thought she was letting me know that Dinner Is Late and that was it. When I got to the barn, I discovered that she was in the stall with the Mean Hen who is setting right now and that she wasn't happy. In fact, she felt very hot and that scared me terribly!

However, the second day, she was back in the stall, none the wiser for her experience, and the Mister was feeding her as I was coming home late. He made her stay in the stall until Everyone Else Had Eaten (Anabel is the alpha doe and Always Eats First) before he let her out. She wasn't happy, but that is the choice she made.

The third day, yeppers, guess who was in jail, yet again, and still unhappy? At this point, I think even the Mean Hen was over it as she fussed the whole time until I let Anabel out again. It was then that I decided I would have to create a barrier.

So, I cut a 2 x4 x6 the length of the stall and nailed it 12" from the knee wall top. Then, I cut a fence panel to fit over the opening, nailing it to the knee wall, the board, and the joists. Hollie, the cow, watched, amused. The goats, however, were not allowed to see the renovation until they had fed. Anabel, at last check this morning, was nudging and exploring it, looking for a hole, I am sure. I don't think she will find it.

And, if she does, the Mean Hen may have free reign on her. Trust me. Anabel will lose.


  1. Anabel certainly sounds like she likes to have things her way. It's always interesting to see the many personalities animals have.

  2. Hi Matty, you sure have had your hands full! The barrier sounds like a great idea. Hopefully Annabel will stop her roaming. Sounds like she may be determined though! I hope you have a restful and lovely evening ahead! Delisa :)

  3. I think I knew goats had lots of character and charm, and the way you tell your stories about them, I just love it!

  4. I had a comment all typed up and cyberspace stole it.. SO trying again..
    It amazes me what they can get themselves into some times! I have a hen that hatched 2 chicks.. She is an very OLD hen. She is also very fussy about her babies! I grabbed one the other day it wouldnt hush and momma hen was pecking at my legs.. Above my boot!! Now how did she know to do that??lol!
    Hope your problem child is staying put!

  5. Hi Matty! I just thought I would pop by tonight and say hello! I hope that you are having a nice evening. I went over to a friend's house tonight and we had a big fire out in the backyard and told one story after another. It was wonderful! This was our first official, chilly night of the new autumn, and I enjoyed being outside so much! I hope that you have a restful night ahead and a lovely Sunday! Delisa :)

  6. Dear Matty,

    What a naught nanny goat! I hope that you have "fixed her wagon" for now. I have heard that they have minds of their own, and your blog is proof, I think. :)

    I hope that your week goes wonderfully well, and that you can stop and enjoy the golden sunshine (if you have some).




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