Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Helloooooo... Are you here?

Howdy Campers,
The respite has done me a wonder of good and I am ready to start sharing more of Pandemonium Palace, also known as Lazy Bee Farm.

What have I done since we chatted last?
1.) Gone back to work.

2.) Had a wood shed built. And filled most of it.

3.) Painted on the front door.

4.) Cleaned, and I mean seriously cleaned, the porch (it wraps around two sides of the house -- it is not for the faint of heart), the yard, and my front flower beds.

5.) Saved one goat from dying -- darn parasites!

6.) Made soap, soap, soap, soap, and soap.

7.) Worked the farmer's market.

8.) Worked on festival.

9.) Cleaned the attic -- mostly. It is a very large attic with most of the things from the Airman's three bedroom house. Yeah. This has been more fun that a trip to the dentist on the day after Christmas.

10.) Knit dishcloths, a lot.

11.) Solved the mystery of the chest pain -- ulcer. No more Boylan's Cherry Soda for me... I seriously considered crying about this one...
There is more, but why tell it all the first day back?? Pictures are to come as I have become quite proficient, thank you, with the camera and movie making talents!

How in the world have you been? I have missed you all!


  1. Glad you're back to share your adventures!

  2. Hi Matty! Welcome back, I missed you too. What a busy, whirlwind of a time you have been having, but look at how much you have accomplished! My goodness. I didn't know you were having chest pains, I'm so glad to hear they found the cause. I need to have a good autumn cleaning here at my house too. You are very inspiring! I am happy to hear your little goat is doing better. I hope your new work year has gotten off to a good start. You go girl on those dish cloths! :) I'm working now on my first pair of gloves. I am doing two of them at the same time and just finished the little fingers. I'll post some pictures when I get them done. The pattern seems to be a little trickier than the socks, although it says it is suppose to be easier. Getting the fingers to line up properly is a little challenging and there is no fudging when it comes to the counting of stitches. I'm having a lot of fun working on them though. All is well here in Georgia, we have been getting some fall like weather and it is cooling down in the evenings and in the mornings. It's wonderful. Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  3. Sorry to hear about the ulcer Matty, but it's good to know what's causing the chest pains. Looks like you've been really busy. Would you like to come and clean my attic? Don't understand how it gets in such a disarray so quickly.

  4. I'm in crazy land with the start of a new school year, with a new grade, in a new district. I've totally abandoned my poor blog! I'm putting in 9-10 hour days and falling into bed spouting gibberish and conking out mid-fall. Good to hear from you! How's your school year going?

  5. YEAH!!! I am so glad you are back!!! I am battling the Barberpole.. No one near death but I am worried about not whipping it in one.. She has always been a robust girl too!..
    Sounds like you have been busy!! 8 ounces of goats milk every night before bed will help with that ulcer. Kyle has had one for years.. He wont do everything he needs to to heal it up. Bu tthe goats milk makes it to where he doesnt have to take near as many meds. It takes a while fo ryou to realize it is helping..

  6. Well I was wondering how you are doing? Crazy busy I see. I hope you are writing (nag, nag). Love you xoxo Clarice


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