Friday, September 16, 2011


... I talked with the Airman for an hour. Fabulous.
... it is cold -- 48-degrees still.
... is the day before yet another festival... and I have soap to wrap.
... I need to make more castile soap for another festival in November.
... i would rather be knitting something very soft and fuzzy.
... the chicken coop needs cleaning.
... the goat stalls do, too.
... there is still a little more to do in the attic and then I am starting to clean one out building. before-I-awoke-dream was about my friend Arwen telling me that I wasn't sanitary enough to touch dishes her children ate from while I was watching the biggest horse in the world carry FIVE adults on its back across my backyard, but it wasn't my backyard really, while my car was running in the front driveway. Huh?? Where did that come from?

I think it is going to be a strange, busy day! You?


  1. It's rainy and cool here today... so something soft and fuzzy sounds great!

    Interesting dream... you sorta wonder how it all works for us to get such an odd assortment....

    Enjoy your busy day...........

    So how tall you wanna be?

  2. Oh, at 6'5" would cover my weight... :O

  3. Hi Matty, it has been over cast and blessedly cool here today as well. The temp stayed right at 68 for almost the whole day. It was wonderfully refreshing. It has been a good day for knitting. I finished off another pair of socks and tied in all the loose ends on my first glove. I went into town yesterday and they were having a half price sale on yarn at Hobby Lobby so, I stocked up on a few skeins in different fall colors. Getting a new bag of yarn is kind of like having a full tank of gas...the possibilities are endless! :) I also started sorting through all my books and pulling out the ones I want to donate to our library. I hope you have a restful and fun saturday night. Delisa :)


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