Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Think I Missed That One

My Composition II students are working on a research paper in which they are required to interview a family member. Their interview questions had to be submitted to me before they could proceed. This is what one student submitted:

1. Where did our family come from?
2. Did any of our family members fight in the Cival (sic) War?
3. Did any of our family members fight in World War I or II?
4. Did any of our family members fight in the Vitamins War?

Okay. I think I missed that war...

Lesson: Never trust spell check...


  1. College student, eh? Are you sure this kid did't get off the yellow bus at the wrong stop:-)

  2. HAHAHA I mean Cival War was bad enough but Vitamin?? Wow.. You got some bright ones this year huh?

  3. Wow Matty! What funny typos, but my goodness, that is kind of sad isn't it? I hope that was just someone typing very fast and not someone who really thinks it was called the Vitamin War! Delisa :)

  4. Looks like a long school year ahead for you Matty. I guess we've all become to dependent upon that old spellchecker.

  5. LOL(: (I do fear for the writing skills of our culture with all these aids and shortcuts.)

  6. Are my 3rd graders sitting in on your classes again? Don't ya love it? Summer's coming, right?

  7. As a dyslexic, do you know how happy this makes me? Maybe I would have a chance in your class
    :-) xoxo Clarice

  8. Mmmm... would that be the Vitamin C War? Or the B12?

    Suzanne... had a chuckle at your yellow bus comment too!


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