Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reentry... or what happens when the woman is gone...

Today is my first day home alone. My friend Diane had flown up to spend a few days with me before we drove to Concord. And then I picked her from another conference up on my way home. I was fortunate enough to have her here another four days. Let me tell you, a Texas gal can become a North Carolina farmer in just hours if her spirit is willing! What fun we had at Camp Matty! I can't wait to tell you all about it...

But first, this is what I have done today:

Cleaned the bathroom;
Washed three loads of laundry;
Picked up two bags of trash;
Washed more dishes than I knew I had;
Made four batches of soap;
Froze three gallons of goat milk;
Wrote checks;
Mailed checks (which involved a run to the post office because my stamps are MIA);
Ordered two books with the gift certificates given by week two participants;
Cleaned more trash off the front porch;
Cleaned the cat box;
Cleaned both bird cages;
Made the bed; and,
Cleaned out the refrigerator (bleh).

And the day isn't over yet... Can't tell you why, but I am reminded of this song:

How's your day been? I've missed you!


  1. After the joy of returning home comes the work! If men were the only gender left on earth, I wonder how dirty the fridge would get before they'd clean it.

  2. Welcome home Matty! Sounds like you had a wonderful and productive day. It is always like that for me too after a trip, although it would have taken me a week to get done what you did in your first day back and I don't even have any goats! :) I had to chuckle at Jane's joke about the dirty fridge. It reminded me of a favorite line from Tim Allen who said: "If their were a nuclear war and all the Sear's and Home Depots were destroyed, men would just stand there with their hands at their sides, unable to move. But...if you give a woman a coffee cup and a butter knife...she can rebuild the world! :) Have a great day. Delisa :)

  3. WOW you have been busy! We are sleeping in this morning.. Well the girls are... I am checkign FB and blogs Lol Yesterday was rather eventful and fun for some of it. Hoping today will be peaceful.... Kyle got sick from working in the heat and was home yesterday. My dad cut his leg witha saw at work and required stitches.. Then we had friends over for supper and visited till late last night! So it ended well!


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