Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Not All Fun... But Then...

My time here in Concord is not a fun trip; I co-direct a National Endowment of Humanties workshop on the Trascendentalists with a retired professor from Villanova. Although I get to see and do some pretty doggone remarkable things, it is, after all, a work gig and not Just For Fun! Today is a case in point.

One of our participants has decided she has bed bugs. No, she doesn't. This Inn is such a lovely place, there is no reason to even begin to think they have such an issue. She did have bug bites on her legs, but, frankly, she is wearing some pretty short shorts (okay, I am embarrassed by them) and is out all hours of the day and night running and walking. I think it is mosquitos.

Long story short, she decided she had to see a doctor Today. So, I ended up driving her to a local PromptCare Clinic where she saw a doctor and was diagnosed with, yeppers, mosquito bites. Of course, all the way there and back she whined about her legs and the itching and her sleepiness from the antihistimine and how sore it was. I wanted to knock her out and not because it would help her...

This meant that I missed the Brook Farm tour and had to run like crazy to pick up lunch for 30 people and meet them at Fruitlands about 50 minutes from where we were. Flying down the highway, I found a shortcut and managed to pick up a delicious lunch and beat the bus to Fruitlands, barely...

After lunch, and after being in more than 97-degrees temperatures, I shot out for Whittier's House. I had been told there were some documents there that I really needed to see, so I rushed to get there. I missed the director by five minutes. I headed to the Haverhill Public Library to Special Collections to see their Whittier collection, but missed them by twenty minutes. Sigh. And, yes, they had the documents I so wanted to see, Just Behind The Locked Door. All the charm in the world would NOT get those doors open. Sigh.

I consoled myself with what was to be an Iced Coffee Frappe from Hodgies. It ended up a chocolate shake, bleh, and I was too far down the road to return it.

When I arrived at the Inn, I had a raspberry-lime rickey (okay, two over an hour), a cool shower, and locked my door. I am NOT lettting the rest of today in. No way.

How has your day been??


  1. She's lucky she didn't get a mosquito-size lump upside her head.
    You have the patience of Job!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  2. Sorry you had to endure this because of selfishness. Didn't she wonder why the bites were primarily on her legs?? Dumb girl or dumber than dirt my grandfather used to say..LOL!

  3. Dear Matty,

    Oh dear, it sounds like you've had a rough day; thank goodness for times of peace to let go of all the "ickies"!

    May the rest of your week go more smoothly, and may you keep cool!



  4. What a difficult day Matty, I'm sorry it had to be so rushed. Thanks for explaining what your trip is all about, I didn't understand and thought you were on some sort of a creative workshop type vacation. Hang in there and I hope you find some moments of joy and beauty in between these hectic times. Delisa :)


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