Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inching Closer... Home Stretch

The Old Manse was home to more significant people than one can count on one hand --- nearly.

Starting out as the home of William Emerson, grandfather to Waldo, it was home for Ezra Ripley after he married William Emerson's widow, young Waldo for a short period of time, and Nathaniel Hawthorne and his  bride Sophia Peabody. Henry Thoreau planted the garden that greeted the Hawthornes when they arrived on their wedding day after a carriage ride from Boston.

It is a magical home!

It also has the distinction of sitting on the edge of the "Battle Road" field where the first shots, as Waldo wrote, "heard round the world" were fired in the first skirmish of the American Revolution.

I love this house and the wonderful people who work there! They treated us to a wonderful visit today and inspired us, once again, with the stories of those who lived there and left a mark on the world.

And, I am ready to go to MY home... sigh... I miss the goats, the dogs, the cats, and even the Mister. And, they all miss the Woman. Isn't it wonderful to matter? 


  1. You are causing me to sin (covet) with this post!

    Sorry about the photo on my blog...it was there when I published it and then it was gone! I reloaded it...my niece uses some odd program to save it to and it doesn't like to load on most computers...don't know why!

    Enjoy your vacation...at least one of us is getting one ;)

  2. Do you think something was in the water that inspired all those great people? What a wonderful vacation!


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