Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Need Time Apart

Dear Winter,

There comes a time in every relationship when one of the partners needs a break from the other. It could be as short of a time as taking a bath without someone asking a single question. Or, it could be a day with one's Sissie shopping at Ikea (which rocks! Free Breakfast!). Or it could be a weekend spent with gal pals sipping tea, gossiping, and watching sappy movies. Regardless, one needs a little break now and again to keep the relationship fresh and less stressful.

We have come to this point.

I know, I know. You have always been my favorite time of year, next to summer, mostly because I can wear wool Every Day without anyone thinking I am a bit odd. I adore the sound of snow under my feet, the look of it floating to the ground, the joy of a snow day spent by the fire with knitting in hand. You always bring the best holidays -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day -- the best days of the year for eating and companionship. There is even something delicious in how you decorate all outdoors with slender branches tickling the Carolina Blue sky. Ah, dearest Winter, we have something special.

But, my precious, you have asked too much from me this year. This is the third week of temperatures below 30-degrees all day. The roads have been untreated for the ice and snow, thus, we haven't been able to get out and even our Mail Carrier couldn't get in for most of the last two weeks. It isn't entirely your fault, I know, the state budget is partially to blame. But, all the same, you must accept some responsibility. Every night, we have had to feed, feed, feed everything on the place and haul water, gallons and gallons of water, to all the animals. Even Mr. Hardy has gotten somewhat selfish and demanded more wood than we thought possible for him to consume. Frankly, he has been like tending a three-week-old baby who is on a two hour nursing schedule.

So, darling Winter, may we have a little time apart? Perhaps you would enjoy going to Canada just for a few days? I hear they love you even more than I do. I can have you packed in five minutes. What do you say?

As ever,



  1. LOL, I loved this post. Hey you can send old winter this way. We are dieing to have some snow xoxo Clarice

  2. Oh, I so can relate to this post. You are brilliant.

  3. You made me smile! I feel the same way about summer. There are a few things I enjoy about it, but I do not handle the heat, humidity, and bugs very well.

  4. Very well said! It felt like a heat wave today with the sunshine and temps reaching almost 30* I didn't even put my coveralls on to go out for chores today. I'm ready for the rest of Winter to be mild. Do you think he'll cooperate?

  5. What a fun post, Matty! I love it! You've definitely captured the feelings many of us are having this winter! I, too, need some separation time. How about if we meet somewhere warm and you show me how to knit wool socks!! (-:

    I am working at it. Just ripped out my first attempt as it was Paul Bunyan size and I ran the risk of running our of yarn! But I'm having fun!!!

  6. How cute! I sure hope he listens to your pleas. Perhaps you should write a letter to spring too --just in case :)


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