Saturday, January 15, 2011

Waiting Room Blues

Expectant fathers were forbidden to enter the inner sanctum of childbirth until the early 1980s. I was one of the first at our local hospital to have a husband present AND natural childbirth. Next to giving up caffeine, this was probably one of the most trying times of my life.

Until now.

We are waiting. Three does are are nearly ready to explode. Obviously, as Hawthorne rather obviously demonstrates in The Scarlet Letter, your sins will find you out. And, the does mishaviour while we were visiting the Airman in August is becoming all to apparent.

Holly, our Dexter, demonstrated this same truth on Monday. After several months of wondering, "Is she or isn't she?" we found out she was. She presented us with a darling bull just as we arrived home. He wasn't even cleaned off yet. I'll post a photo as soon as I can get one.

Meanwhile, don't fret if you hear a "boom!" from the South. The explosion you hear will be my head... and having to deal with a bunch of January kids. This was not the plan. Thanks, girls. Mean it.


  1. Wow, there must have been some wild party going on in that barn late one night!
    Congratulations on the kids ;)

  2. OH dear! I hope they are not going to keep going into false labor like they did last year. Your herd must be getting pretty big.


  3. Just like 'em to do this in the dead of winter! Good luck with the birthing it can be so stressful:-)

  4. Happens every think they would listen to you and not invite the chickens to an intergalactic kegger, but NOOOO, no one wants to listen and then there are aghast when they find themselves in 'the way'.
    Goats. Worse then teenagers, ya know?
    Hang in there, Granny Matty

  5. Waiting for them to deliver can make your crazy if you let it. Best wishes for successful kidding!

  6. Hope you have easy kiddings! I have about a month till mine are due. My January kiddings have always been the easiest! SO much so that I am planning that for next year.

  7. Oh Matty, you have such an interesting life! I can't imagine how full your days must be.

    A photo would be fun!


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