Monday, January 17, 2011

Career Choice

Mary had to have a C-section tonight; she has a darling little doe that she refuses to nurse. We are keeping her in and watching both of 'em. I welcome any advice to get her to settle down with her wee one. I am worried sick.

In the meantime....

Teaching English was the RIGHT choice for me. I didn't throw up, pass out, or cry. However, as we stood there with our feet soaked in blood (all but the vet had left for the day so I helped the vet and the Mister handed her sutures), I realized that teaching English is a good thing. For the next few years, when I think of quitting, I am going to remember tonight. That should do it.

Baby count:

Does: 2
Bucks: Nada! Hooray!

UPDATE: Went out to the barn and collected all the drainage from Mary and wiped it on the baby (bleh) and then squirted Mary's milk all over the baby. She started cleaning, nudging, and whispering to her. I think she is going to be okay now. Sigh. What a relief! Thanks, Tonia! Did I mention it is SNOWING again?


  1. I wish we would get one big snow that all I am asking to give my girls something to really go sledding in..
    I am glad she accepted the baby. I hope she heals well.
    Have a good night!

  2. Glad all is going better. So interesting!!

  3. I saw them do such that in movies and on All Creatures Great and Small. Always wondered if it worked, now I know! A job that doesn't make you throw up or pass out is a good thing!

  4. How exciting! Will you post some pictures soon, I would love to see the new baby? I've always loved English so your career choice seems great to me. Have a restful day.

  5. LOL, yes I would pick an English teacher over a vet any day!!!! Congrats, Clarice

  6. Reminds me of scenes from James Harriot's books. Although he could make muck and mire and afterbirth in the middle of the night in January sound hilarious... not for me.

  7. Oh my gosh--what a great tip from Tonia. So glad it worked out and that seems like such a simple answer but I would never have thought of it. Blah is right but you’re a good mommy :) LOL


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