Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What We Did

While we were at Eglin, we went by the Forward Air Control monument for a friend's father whose wingman was shot down in Laos in 1966. We both wept.

And here is the handsome Airman. Every time I see him, he is more confident (like this was never a problem for him!) and more handsome. He is halfway through his technical school and has done well. I learned that nearly 75% of all candidates "double tap", which is "failed" to you and me, before this point in the training. This makes me even more proud of him because he has worked so hard to complete his training.

We also went to see the movie "Easy A" which made me laugh so hard! It was a great modern adaptation of "The Scarlett Letter" and, interestingly enough, I am teaching the novel next week. I can feel a field trip coming on!
The Destin Commons was also on our list of "to dos" this time. It is the neatest shopping area. Built like an old timey down town, there are a lot of lovely little shops along with food and theatre. We enjoyed lemon sorbet at Coldstone and people watching. The Airman is very much like his Mum in that he enjoys watching folks and trying to guess their backstory.
It was a great change - for me to fly down to see him without the Mister -- and I think we both completely enjoyed it! I can't wait to do it again!
As a side note: it is 45-degrees here today! Brr.....


  1. Glad you had such a good time :)
    Do you find it weird to see girls oogle at your son? Freaks me out every time!

    it's 54 here this morning...just a week ago it was over 100!
    Pneumonia, anyone?

  2. Beautiful post Matty! You have so many reasons to be proud.

    I haven't been here for awhile so I'm appreciating the new to me banner! I also wanted to stop by to tell you how much I appreciated your kind comment on Brenda's blog...it meant a lot to me.


    P.S. Thanks also for the movie recommendation...I would never have watched this movie without it!

  3. I love the picture of Mom and son. Both of you look so happy; like the kind of people it's fun to be around! I'll bet there is lots of laughter!

    Glad the flights went well. I can TOTALLY relate. While the physics and the engineering look good on paper, I keep thinking it's mostly men who put the things together!!


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