Saturday, October 23, 2010


This week has been a hectic one with lots of changes in our lives -- all good and none huge! These are the best, aren't they?

Monday I was liberated from the purple cast! Hooray! It felt strange to have two feet on equal footing, but I quickly got back into the swing of things by digging potatoes with The Mister, Shelly and Alvin. We tried using their HUGE mules, but they were not of the mind to work, so we attached the push plow to the tractor and the Mister drove it whilst Alvin practically rode the plow. We have about 350 pounds of potatoes! Good thing we are mostly Irish!

Tuesday we hauled wood all afternoon. May I share with you that at the rate we are saving on our electric, we will have the furnace paid for in two years instead of five? This morning it was a chilly 28-degrees, but inside the weather was delightful -- a snug 68-degrees throughout the house! No cold spots! It was luscious!

Wednesday it rained cats and dogs, but we had so much to do in the house. We are spinning honey this weekend, so jars are to be gathered, washed, and fresh lids purchased. It is a busy time and we love it! The house smells deliciously sweet. What is it about honey that is so wonderful?

Thursday, guess what? We hauled wood again! Last winter was so cold that we are determined to be snug and not have to worry about finding wood when there is snow on the ground. We usually have our first flurries on Halloween, so we are getting in just under the wire!

Friday was a "get the boys' shelter fixed" extravaganza! The Mister did that whilst I ran a ton of errands and tied up a bunch of loose ends. We are still waiting on The Baby, so we had a quick run-by of the Waiting Family to cast eyes on how all are holding up. The Due Date is Sunday, my Mother's birthday, so we are holding our collective breath in anticipation. We also took the leap of faith and dumped our TV service. No more TV for our house. We only watched 15 hours a month and the cost just didn't warrant the time. Somehow, I feel lighter already!

And, so, we are now to today! After over sleeping and missing our Farmer's Market day (we have two left), we are going to fetch hay, work on fences, collect our last super here and put bee escapes on the ones below the mountain so they can come home tomorrow, and, if we have time, we are going to start putting the garden to bed.

Don't you love Autumn!??


  1. A good busy week........... It's been a long time since I had anything to do with hauling wood. We had a wood stove when I was a young child, and it I remember helping to pitch the wood pieces through the window into the basement, as that was where we stored it in the winter. And then it would be my job to fetch a couple pieces for the wood pail by the stove.

    I love the smell of drying timber. So do you load your arm up and then stack it?

  2. Busy busy!! SO glad about the cast and TV service being let go!Lol My husband voiced a possibility of getting cable a few times and I asked why would we want another bill?? He was like yep your right!lol We watch PBS and some local stuff but its usually movies if anything else from Netflix which is MUCH cheaper than Cable.
    I would Not be with out my wood heat! Its just not as warm or as economical as gas or electric..

  3. Hmmmm....oversleeping? A likely story. Guess I know who put the lazy in Lazy Bee.


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