Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Think I Know

After spending the last part of the week in Washington, DC, I can honestly say I know why things in our country are so messed up. How can you trust a government housed in a city where:

1) These people never sleep. All night long folks are walking, talking, driving, eating, and playing. I know. I was, too....
2) Who designs a road system that you can't get home on? I sat on I-95 for two hours and only traveled seven miles. TWO WORDS: Public Transportation.
3) There is no Chickfila. Nuff said.
4) A simple meal costs $45. We are talking caprese salad, chicken breast stuffed with spinach, Spanish rice, and a tart. And no sweet tea. Everyone knows sugar will not dissolve in cold tea. I wept. Quietly.
5) There was no Bible in the hotel room. Where are the Gideons? Are they afraid to go there, too?
6) Everyone wears black. Are they in mourning or what? I didn't see anything bright except me. In red. Very bright red. And, yes, black trousers. But at least I had on RED!
7) The city was built in a swamp. Who builds in a swamp unless they have a death wish or refuse to listen to their surveryor? Oh, that's right. Some of our first Presidents were surveyors, weren't they?? Point made.
8) FOX News was on the TV in every common area of the hotel -- reception, guest services, valet parking, and even, yes, the restaurant. If I am paying $45 for a dinner, I am not going to be watching TV. Period.
9) Noise, noise, noise, noise, noise. I know I sound like the Grinch, but who can have a quiet thought when there is always noise?
10) Goats. They need goats. This would clean up the common areas They are cleaner than elephants or donkeys. And, as far as I know, not one of my gals has ever been caught in a scandal unless you count the time they all got frisky with the buck without permission. Lucy is certainly paying the price for that one; she'll kid any day. But, at least not one of them has been indicted or called before a Congressional hearing. Yet.

All this said, the conference was wonderful, and I was hugged more than at a family reunion. The food, despite the cost, was really delicious. It was great to have handmade mozzarella and I didn't have to make it! Many dear friends were there, several showed up and were delightful surprises, and several new friends were made... Maybe saying yes and getting out of my comfort zone is a good thing.

Now, excuse me. I have to pack for yet another trip. Can you guess where it might be? Hint: The heart of rock and roll is in....


  1. Matty..... I enjoyed your posting..... I love how those goats sneak into the conversation, even when you're miles apart!

    Glad it was good in spite of the not so good!

  2. Cleveland?? I googled it and that was the only thing close to it that came up!Lol

    How boring to just wear black.... If I only traveled 7 miles in 2 hours I do believe I would have a serious attack of Claustrophobia! TO MANY PEOPLE TAKING MY AIR!Lol I gotta have room to breathe..

  3. Wow! You said it perfect, LOL....hmmm I bet those goats missed you too :)
    Now, lemme see....I am guessing Cleveland too, or at least somewhere in Ohio?
    Safe travels and I can't wait for our fun times when you come to new england!


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