Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a Fraud

Well, actually, I am who I say I am. I spin, weave, knit, milk goats, make soap, garden, sell at the farmer's market, and a myriad of other things. What I am not is perfect. My house is a mess most of the time. I am overweight. I can't make clever things from milk carton rings. Most times dinner is thrown together and we are darn lucky to have anything decent to eat because there are so many things going on during any given day. We eat a lot of soup and sandwiches.....

In short, I am human.

Sometimes it seems that another person's life is wonderful, perfect, peaceful, and, quite frankly, enviable. There seems to be a solitude or purpose that just, well, eludes us regular folks. But, I think, at the end of the day, we are all the same. We are doing the best we can in the situation or life we have.

Trust me.. you wouldn't want my life. But, I wouldn't want yours.

All the same, I find myself inspired and charmed by the many wonderful people I meet online. I know we are human and, thus, less-than-perfect. Yet, I find myself fascinated by how clever, talented, and positively generous folks are. Maybe this is the good part of instant communication and the voyeuristic peek into others' lives. What do you think?


  1. Matty, I love peeking into your life... perfect or otherwise.

    Because i don't reckon I'll be acquiring any goats any time soon for my little city backyard garden, but I LOVE hearing the stories about yours!

    From my side of the fence, I think there's a certain 'romance' to your lifestyle.... even if you mightn't see it that way..... perhaps that's how we view other people's lives when they share them with us on their sites???

  2. I think your right Matty! There are alot of wonderful people on the blogosphere. Yup, rotten apples too, you and I know one:-) but, they are the minority not the majority. We all have different gifts don't we? Some can cook a 7 course meal , but can they reach the minds and souls of the students you teach the way you do. Your leaving your mark on future generations and for the better:-)

  3. I am glad you aren't perfect or anyone else! That would be so very boring! If I didn't have my girls I would only get about half of what I do each day done! As a matter of fact right now with 2 sick things are piling up! Wait I tend to let things pile up anyway my girls just keep me on the straight and narrow sort of when it comes to organizing. When they get older and move out I will probably be one of those old ladies that can get lost in her house. I would rather be outside doing something then house work most of the time.
    everyone is good at something even if people think they aren't there is something they can excel at. You just have to find it.
    Honestly I always thought something was wrong with me till I got to know more people online and the daily contact thru things like Facebook. I realized I wasn't so odd and other people struggle with the same things I do..
    So Yep I think that is a good part of the instant Communication we have.

  4. You are the first goat-keeper I've met, Matty, and I so enjoy your stories of Lazy Bee Farm. And of your spinning and your knitting.

    And if you ever do come up with something clever to do with milk carton rings, I hope you share that with us, too!! (-:

  5. I think you are quite wonderful!

  6. My life has not been peachy, I had to work hard to have the life I have now and would not change it at all xoxox Clarice


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