Tuesday, October 12, 2010

There and Back Again

Can you imagine taking a class to Colonial Williamsburg for three days of exploration? What fun we had! The docents were remarkable! We learned that there might be ghosts. Cream of peanut soup is superior to any other soup -- at least today(yum). And, we explored nooks and crannies to our heart's desire.

Trip notables:
1. Some students had never been there and it is just five hours from here;
2. Even in a cast, one can explore the replicas of all three of Jamestown's original fleet;
3. Traditional Virginia food rocks: apple fritters, country ham, and crab cakes (OMGoodness);
4. A ferry ride is a super way to cross the James River (even if one has very sweaty palms!); and,
5. A runaway horse can create quite a bit of excitement!

Things we loved:
1. The Palace tour.
2. Experiencing George Washington addressing the City of Williamsburg about the small pox epidemic and why we should be innoculated.
3. Our wonderful docent, Pat, who was so poignant when sharing her excitement about Lady Virginia's christening and her deep compassion about the people in Boston who were starving in 1774 (the tour was set in that time).
4. Eating at (in no particular order): College Delly, the Cheese Shop, and the Surray House (drool).
5. Three days of living and breathing history and literature.

There is nothing like travel, but more than anything, there is nothing like coming home. Sigh. I missed the goats...


  1. You missed the goats....LOL! I am dying to go there for a vaca:-) Glad you had such a great time.

  2. I lived in Virginia back in the early 70's and LOVED Willamsburg, going to the Jamestown Settlement, all the civil war places...we went ALOT to the MacArthur Museum(I think because my Papa was in the Navy!)and the name escapes me...the place where the sell all the reproduction glassware, dishes, ect. Was that in Willamsburg as well?
    As for simplifying...I just came back from the bag sale at the thrfit store...but I took more there than I came back with!
    Clothes can be a hobby, right?
    I just need less hobbies....how about leaving out....ah, nuts, this is hard!

  3. What a lucky class!!!!!!


  4. Sounds like a trip to remember!

    Had to chuckle at your sigh over missing your goats... did they miss YOU too?


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