Tuesday, November 15, 2011

With Love, The Hamster

Dear Universe:

This has been my morning so far:

5:00 a.m.
Feed cat.
Feed birds.
Feed fish.
Feed barn cats.
Feed dogs.
Feed baby hens.
Put on a batch of soap.
Make breakfast.
Stir soap.
Feed Mister breakfast.
Stir soap.
Clear the table.
Stir soap.
Set out the chicken for supper.
Clean the cat box.
Remake the bed (the sheets don't get smoothed by the other occupant).
Stir soap.
Pack lunch.
Wash and dry hair.
Dress for work.
Pour soap in molds to cool.
Make sure all the lights are off.
Check Wookie's bowl for food and water one more time.
Carry lunch and everything else to the car.
Drive the car an hour to work.

7:30 a.m.. Start work.... like I haven't already been working....

So, Dear Universe, will you cut me some slack?? Just for today, let's not have any of the stupidness of yesterday ("Dear Ms. H, It is your fault that I am so stupid that I looked at Figure 23.1 and not Assignment 23.1..." or, my personal favorite, Me: You will need to take English 111 in the spring. Student: Shut up.). Could we slow the wheel down, just a skoosh, please??

I will be forever grateful.

The Hamster


  1. Sending prayers for extra-special blessings today, Matty!

    (YIKES, what time did your day begin????)

  2. Well, Miss Hamster, that's a lot of work that must be done so early in the morning! Why don't you retire and only work TWICE as hard as everyone else?

  3. I'm surprised you had time to jot a posting in the midst of all that! OMGosh, is that your morning every morning?

    Let's see... I woke up, used the facilities, crawled back into bed, picked up the book I'm trying to finish before Thursday's class, suddenly got a God-idea I needed to share with my sister, sat down at my computer, checked e-mail and blog comments, typed my epiphany to sister...... (yup, no where near your list...)

    The Master Upstairs says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light..... I ask that He'll give you for glimpses of that throughout your day today....easy and light..... easy and light.... grace grace....

  4. I have mornings like that Minus the idiot students. I have the 3 best students in the world!LOL Okay Okay I will be truthful WHEN they want to be good students they are excellent Haha!! I hope you get some time to relax!

  5. You will love this. Christopher had a test in his Ancient History class today. He thought it was on Roman Poetry but when he got there found out his hearing was off.

    It was on Roman Pottery. ROTFL...

    He was sheepish and told me fortunately he knew something about the pottery so he did fine on the test.

  6. Hi Matty, my goodness what a busy day you have had! You make your own soap? How cool is that. Just think how nice it will feel to sink into a bath at the end of the day with your very own hand made soap! I just had a friend from Switzerland send me a package the other day with a years supply of my favorite Milk Soap. They sell it in the grocery store over there like Dial or Safeguard. It is the only thing that doesn't turn my face bright red. Hang in there pal! Delisa :) P.S. You asked the other day for my email, it is dmarchetti@g-net.net. I'm so glad your Mom liked the tulip scarf! I was thinking about making another one to enter in next fall's County Fair. I have never entered before but always wanted to try. :)

  7. Ok!! Let's ditch this teaching gig and start a great soap making/wool gathering extravaganza! I'm in! I'm sorry that 3rd graders keep showing up for college courses! Hang in there my friend!!


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